Saturday, April 9, 2016

Let’s Dance on Tour – Göteborg – Göteborgs-Posten

Photo: Christine Olsson

No, not enough celebrities dancing on television. In autumn go Let’s dance on tour to ten cities. On 5 November, the dance party at Scandinavium.

Seven dancers will compete to become the evening’s winner when Let’s dance becomes live show in the fall.

– this is brand new, I wrote on Tuesday. We’ll do what we do in television though in reality, the more I do not know yet, says the jury new member Cecilia Lazar who also runs a traditional dance studio in Gothenburg.

Who dancers who will race is not yet known, but it will be couples both from the current season and previous seasons of the television program.

the point comes during the night that is awarded by the audience via sMS and jury . The show is led by Let’s Dance-TV host David Hellenius.

Cecilia Lazar passionate Let’s dance and feel extra for all the program’s professional dancers.

– All these Gothenburgers are my dancers from the beginning: The siblings da Silva, Jeanette, Tobias, Alex, Malin, Annika, all then I have of course had in my school as a child, she says.

Will you run the dance school with the audience as well, or is it Tony Irving thing?

– Something like that, we will certainly do together. But even that is clear yet.

She hints about there can be no talk of adding matinee performances if ticket sales are going well.

– I hope that we will attract many families with children, it feels like a fun family event.

In the UK, the model Let’s dance, Strictly come dancing, toured since 2008 and has become a huge success. It is also where the dance sport is the greatest.

Cecilia Lazar, with long experience as an international contest judges, has the ambition to bring some professional racing feeling to the Let’s Dance.

– My role is to be the judge. Abroad I judge only the highest elite classes, not beginners. I want to try to get what we professional judges are looking for.

She admits that it felt a bit awkward at first to deliver comments as entertainment. But now she has landed and has found his role next to Wilson and Irving.

– Last week, I felt that I found myself, and now I’m completely confident, she says.

How does this year’s dance couple?

– Super! It has never been so competitively this year. I think that should be clear that it is little more than just entertainment.


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