Friday, April 22, 2016

Hellstrom released again in the night – Västerbotten Courier

Fun Telegram “Burning in the shit.” So called the third single from Hakan Hellstrom’s upcoming EP, which was released last night.

The single includes the little molokna text lines “They want to know how it feels / When all turns after one / But the rain is iced / does not distinguish between you and the asphalt “.

” If the first two songs were traditional is this the harder screwed. In a nice way, “writes Göteborgs-Posten critic Johan Lindqvist.

” It was a little Bowie-like “, says Fredrik Virtanen at Aftonbladet.

This means that three out of four singles from the ep : n “1974″ released. EP released on April 29 in August Hellstrom’s next full-length album.

Listen to the song below! (Spotify account required)


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