Friday, April 22, 2016

Romania stopped from the Eurovision Song Contest – Expressen

Romania stopped from the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016.

The EBU has decided that the Romanian public service channel Televiziunea Romana (TVR) may no longer take part of their membership – because of a debt.

Now underlined the country’s artist of the field in the music competition.

on 12 May, the Romanian artist Ovidiu Anton having competed in two semifinals of the Eurovision Song contest 2016. But now emphasizes the artist and his contribution “Moment of Silence” from the competition.

the reason is that Romania no longer allowed to compete in the Eurovision Song contest. EBU (European Broadcasting Union) has decided that the Romanian public service channel Televiziunea Romana (TVR) may no longer take part of their membership, something that is required to get set up in the competition.

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Romania stopped from Eurovsion Song Contest 2016

Romania stopped from music competition in Sweden because of an outstanding debt of ten million euros, ie just over 91 million Swedish kronor, which country has the EBU. The debt would be paid by 21 April – namely yesterday.

– It is of course bad news. We had looked forward to welcoming the Romanian delegation to Stockholm. We got an early notice from the EBU that this could happen and have planned for it. Now we adjust the boot sequence and rehearsal schedule in the semifinals two and continue our work with the production of the 42 participating countries, says Martin Österdahl , executive producer of Eurovision Song Contest 2016, in a press release.

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EBU: “It is regrettable”

Eurovision Song Contest will be held at the Globe Arena in Stockholm between on May 10 to 14 EBU regrets in the press release that they have had to exclude a country from the race, but being unable to do otherwise in the current situation.

– It is regrettable that we had to take this measure. We are disappointed that all our efforts to resolve this issue has not received any reply from the Romanian Government, saying Ingrid Deltenre , EBU Director General, in a press release continues:

– in recent weeks, the EBU has taken note of the Ministry of Finance’s proposal to TVR could be declared to be in financial insolvency, which in turn can lead to a profound restructuring of the company.

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