Sunday, April 17, 2016

Inez Karlsson: “Heidi was looking for me” – Aftonbladet

Inez Karlsson had to leave the “Masters Champion” after having been to Heidi Andersson in the night duel.

Heidi chose Inez was hardly surprising, says Inez herself.

– she was looking for me all week, it felt like, she says.

a second place in the total was of little comfort to Inez Karlsson , 33, who still was selected to night duel of competitor Heidi Andersson , 35, in tonight’s episode of “Masters champion.”

“armwrestler from loneliness “chose jockey Inez Karlsson night duel hardly came as a shock, says Inez.

– I knew I would end up in a night duel. It felt like she was looking for me all week. It did not matter which branch it was, she challenged me in everything, says Inez Karlsson.

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“Chose as fair as possible”

Heidi Andersson deny that she was “looking” Inez. She says she wanted to make a fair choice.

– I counted up the total score in the individual races. Tactics is not my strong point, I was thinking about how I would make it as fair as possible. Inez had the lowest score and then it felt natural to challenge her, she says.

Nonsense, says Inez.

– I had a feeling long before she would choose me, so it where just felt like a pretext. However, it was certain that she saw me as the weakest link, with said she did not, says Inez.

Were you enemies during filming?

– no, we were not. But I thought perhaps that she and Bjorn were doing and talked together a bit too much. It felt not so funny.

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Has criticized the couple for “pact”

Inez has previously openly criticized SVT’s decision to let Bjorn Ferry and Heidi to be in the same group.

– There was a pact there, absolutely. Clearly. It’s so funny because it feels like everybody wants to tone it down a bit in retrospect. But it was obvious that they would not choose another night in a duel for example. It had not either done if I was married to one of the participants, said Inez Karlsson Nöjesbladet earlier this year.

Inez is not the only participants who have responded to that Heidi and Björn are in the same group . Therefore, many were surprised in tonight’s episode when Björn chose to challenge Heidi in a duel.

– We have no pact, but people found it hard to believe. I’m no fan ball. Everything about balls and precision to do is not my thing, and it knows, he says Heidi.

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