Saturday, April 9, 2016

Springsteen set the gig in protest against “toalettlag” – Sveriges Radio

Springsteen announced through his website on Friday that he and The E-Street Band set up Sunday’s gig in Greenboro, North Carolina in protest against the law HB2.

The law is popularly known for the “toilet Act” and prevent the practice of municipalities to expand their own anti-discrimination laws beyond the state of North Carolina decided.
Act stipulates, among several other things that transsexuals should use public toilets outside the sex they were born with, not the sex they identify as.

Springsteen writes on its website that the law is made by people who do not abide by the progress that the United States made on human rights for all people. He apologizes to his fans, but writes that he wants to show solidarity with those who fight against the development.

– This type of legislation is spreading around the country like a malicious virus, and we must try to stop it early, says E-Street Band guitarist Steven van Zandt to AP.

Since HB2 imposed on 23 March, the White house expressed its disapproval and big companies like Google and Pepsi written letters of protest against the law.


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