Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bomb threat in Swedish film screening in Russia – Aftonbladet

The display of the Swedish film “The Boys” was stopped during a LGBT film festival in Moscow because of a bomb threat.

“Swedish director and composer have been evacuated from the site police and bomb searches on-site personnel, “wrote one of the film’s official Facebook page.

on Sunday canceled a bomb threat display of the Swedish film” the boys “in Moscow, according to the film’s official Facebook page.

“the boys display canceled because of bomb threats against the film’s theme for LGBT film Festival Side by Side,” writes one.

on hand was the film’s director, Alexandra- Therese Keining.

– I’m a little upset now, she said.

“the boys” is based on Jessica Schiefauers novel of the same name, which came out in 2010. It is about three best friends who drink the juice from the flower and turned into guys. Then they explore themselves and the world through the other sex.

The festival displays other films with a similar theme, but Alexandra-Therese Keining believe that the “boys” are particularly controversial.

– they will not show the film in its entirety. They think that it is too dangerous, she said.

The film had Swedish theatrical release in February this year.


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