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Here is the story of Roxette’s comeback – Expressen

2005 was praised Roxette.

The band was almost dissolved.

But, “It Must Have Been Love” was played more than four million times on American radio, which meant that song recorded around the clock – in over 35 years.

Well worth celebrating.

at the gala in London made the group because his first official appearance since Marie Fredriksson was diagnosed with a brain tumor, after have fainted and fallen in the home.

asked about a possible reunion replied Gessle:

– I hope it can lead to a plate, or at least some new songs, he replied, Aftonbladet.

Three years had passed since illness forced the group to a break.

But for the first time felt like a reunion as an opportunity.

It would be four years before Roxette stood on a stage together again.


EMI investing SEK 20 million in the duo

It was Marie Fredriksson who was the star. ??

Per Gessle was, perhaps, the brain behind, but still a has-been.

When the duo tussades together by EMI boss Rolf Nygren for the single “Neverending Love” (1986) was the not some big drums that label slapped on. It was rolled out fairly anonymous. No one thought really it.

But the song became the summer’s big hit and in November the same year released the group’s first album – “Pearls of Passion”.

1989 begins “The Look” spin on a few radio stations in the United States. Slowly it spreads – and then totally dominate the radio landscape.

– It’s unbelievable, I get nothing. When we come to the US are all just and bow, said Marie Fredriksson then.

The song tops the Billboard chart soon. EMI throw in SEK 20 million to invest in the duo.

– It certainly feels as if they expect some of us, says Gessle then.

In retrospect, Roxette in numbers

75 million records sold.

4 Billboard ones.

557 gigs.

the money was, in other words well spent.

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Photo: Viktor Wallström / Rockfoto


the success came to an abrupt end in 1994, before the release of “Crash! Boom! Bang”.

EMI America did not want to give the disc. Instead, they released a compilation album called “Favorites of Crash! Boom! Bang” by McDonald’s. Record shops rebelled against the practice, which meant that the price pressure and record shops ignored.

But Roxette hit hardest. The relationship with the American record company collapsed, and the album was the last thing that the group gave out in the US in 17 years.

The group decided to take a break.

– We came to a point summer 1995 when we felt that we need to take a break. Either change lives or put it down here, Gessle said.


But all the time there was revanschlustan in Per Gessle.

Roxette would up to the top. Comeback album “Have a nice day” (1999) got a couple of songs distributed in the United States, on a compilation CD. When “Room Service” (2001) would be released widely in the United States came the next blow – the record company put down by economic problems and the album was never published. ??

At the same time struggled group with internal problems.

“There were men who decided”

In his autobiography, written by Helena von Zweigbergk, writes Marie on a new producer group worked down,

“It was men who decided, no one cared what I thought,” she wrote, and continued:

“It felt as if we had run something in the ground. Perhaps it was the brain tumor that haunted even then. I had no desire to something that had been with Roxette making “

the next year would Roxette present their big European tour.

Then came the news: Marie Fredriksson, 44, had suffered a brain tumor. Doctors discovered the tumor, after Marie fainted at home and fallen.

The tour did not happen. Instead, Marie underwent surgery and was resting up at home.


Speculation about a reunion took place throughout the group’s break.

And when Marie Fredriksson put on stage to perform “Believe” in show package “Star Rain” in Norrköping in 2008, increased the rumors of a reunion.

– There is a threshold that she has made the move, she stands on the stage again, said Gessle then.

and 6 May 2009 offered Per Gessle up Marie Fredriksson on stage in the Melkweg in Amsterdam, during a solo gig.

– I want you to welcome an old friend me: Marie Fredriksson.

tears ran down both the fans and more in production cheeks.


the Night of the proms was the first test.

Since the group took another step, and extended the tour. And then another step. As for testing after setback.

None came.

When the Daily News in 2012 hooked on the tour group had grown into a full-fledged world tour. The newspaper reported that Roxette has sold 1.5 million tickets. DN expected revenue of 1.5 billion.

This means that the tour is close to the top 20 list of the biggest tours in the 10th century.

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Photo: Sergei Bachlakov / ALL OVER PRESS ZUMA PRESS

Marie Fredriksson got help on the scene

Christoffer Lundquist, who playing guitar, notes that the group does not need the tour.

– it is desire that has driven this for many years, he says, and continues:

– the last thing we did was five gigs in South Africa. It was really good and blast. It did tour the finish, although we did not know it then. It was really the major.

But even if the need is not there, there was a great comeback.

– It’s been amazing, it has been incredible after all. It’s enormous fun, and no one had thought well maybe they would tour again – and then suddenly we had been around the world three times as well. It is good, says Magnus Börjesson, bassist.

In the autumn of 2014 the group began last tour, “30th Anniversary Tour”. When Roxette came back in Sweden last summer were Marie Fredriksson help to get into the scene. She sat down on a chair during the whole concert, and a choir supported her singing during the harder parts.

So was the decision to stop touring. Doctors advise against Marie Fredriksson from touring.

After 66 concerts on the last tour, 557 in total, it’s over.

“I am particularly proud and grateful to have come back after my disease in 2009 and played us some more laps around the earth! It is now touring over for me and I thank our fantastic crowd who had been with the whole trip “; she says in the press release.

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Photo: Magnus Liljegren / All Over Press

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