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Lena Philipsson 50-årskrisen and new tour – Expressen

Lena Phillips has left the 50-årskrisen behind her, now she brings the hit show “I’m not a baby” on tour.

The beloved artist chooses now remove program management jobs , the Eurovision Song Contest and its own 30th anniversary – while she dreams of acting and feeling of the end of life.

– You become very aware of it, says Lena Philipsson.

Lena Philipsson has chosen a new path in his career.

After the breakup of Pierre Leander focuses artist in his own creation.

Lena Philipsson, who always been concerned about their privacy, also opens up and becomes personal in the new show “I’m not a baby.”

Now she takes the acclaimed show on the road.

– the last time I went was in 2008, when I was out and Orup. It will be great fun. What is different here is that I play the piano a little more. Since I play all the new songs. All ten songs from the album I released last fall is in the show. It is a bit unusual, however. But what I’m most proud of is that I wrote the script himself, that it works so well and that there has been so much fun too, says Lena Philipsson.

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Lena Philipsson: “I felt yet ripe”

the show is based on the song of the same name, which is about a breakup, a song that got ex-husband Per Holknekt of defense.

Lena Philipsson have deliberately approached his private life on the new album, and the script for the new show.

– I’m still concerned about my personal life. It’s very rare that I comment on it really. But when writing music … now there are songs that tell of where I am in life right now. It felt okay to write it right now. I do not know why. I feel just a little ripe to do so. Now I will not be such. I do not know. It felt right. It was not that omission.

– I felt yet ripe to peek at the door, because I have some songs that also is a bit serious in nature.

Lena Phillips celebrated his 50th birthday in January. She says she thinks about how she wants to live her life.

– You’ve come a long way in life. I feel a strong sense that I want to do urgent things. Man thinking about how they want to manage the time that is left. When I really want to do what I think feels specify location, and fun and good for me to not waste any time. They are considering the little gaudy how life has been and where to post it here.

Do you have any change?

– Not really. I’ve been living my dream for 30 years. I celebrate the fact 30 years as an artist. But I feel no need to celebrate it publicly. Now I make it new. It is immaterial to celebrate an anniversary. When looking to the rear.

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Lena Philipsson: “Of course I have a 50-midlife crisis”

You have 50 no-life crisis?

– Yes. It is clear that the 50-midlife crisis. It is the closer to the end of life. You become very aware of it. I think everyone knows. But now I’ve turned fifty. I think you think about it before you turn fifty. Now I’m past that. Now it’s: “Yes, yes, so, now it’s done”:

Do you live alone?

– Say what you. I enjoy life. I have a great trip. I have it great.

Eurovision Song Contest, it is a completely taken place chapter for you?

– Yes, I think so. Life goes on. Although it is a great forum. I’ve been there in various guises, both as host, guest performer, intermission, several times. But I want to explore other stuff now. It is not likely that I’m back there.

Hostess, you want to spend more on it?

– No. I do not want either. For I have tried now. I feel that I want to create an even more that when I wrote the disc. It’s set position for me to take advantage of the creativity that I have in me. I’m better at singing than to be host.

Instead hoping Lena Philipsson able to try on another dream – acting.

– I might try something else to come. I’m interested to maybe try to actors, if someone would ask. Then maybe I would think it is great fun. I get asked sometimes. But often it crashes.

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