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Lasse Flinckman lived la dolce vita – Expressen

After Dark took the draw show to Sweden, then took the success of the group to the world.

But behind the glamorous surface struggled Lasse Flinckman with health – a fight he hid in the media .

the illness took him from After Dark – but it gave him a new, quiet life with the life-mate Henrik Strömberg.

Christer Lindarw stage debut in a transvestite role in “West side story” Spoof “Wild side story” at the legendary nightclub Alexandra Biblioteksgatan in Stockholm.

Lasse Flinckman?

He was a beefy, but socially adept doorman.

When their paths crossed in 1976 – Lindarws show was shut down because of defections – emerged: Sweden’s first drag show.

Shortly thereafter moved trio Roger Jonsson was he, too, on the train, his club “Lars Jacob’s Monday Night Dragshow” from Alexandra to Shazam.

But there was something that is not really true. When they formed a drag show group and started his own nightclub pieces fell so in place.

The nightclub would be given a name.

It was: After Dark.

Two years later television broadcast group show on state television.

Another two years later, the show “Seducing Sweden in time premiere at the Hamburg Stock exchange”.

in the space of four years, After Dark made drag show – something popular.

Lars-Åke “Babsan” Wilhelmsson, who started the drag show group Surprise sisters 1979 After Dark is not only the central figures in the movement, and role models.

the group was older siblings.

– They started a little ahead of me, so I was always kind of a little sister, he said.

• • •

1979: Kasper price.

1982: Artist of the year, chosen by Stallbröderna.

1985: San Francisco’s theater and critics prize, three prizes.

His career rolled on, in other words.

But amidst all the success Roger Jonsson left the group in 1981. He dropped out to pursue a coarser type of humor.

And three years later suffered After Dark with grief. Roger Jönsson went away, only 31 years old.

During the 80s, in the group to the world. They appeared at the Alcazar Theatre in San Francisco, played around Europe and had an extended guest appearance in the Spanish Madrid.

The success continued in the 90s. 20th anniversary was celebrated with a show at the Stock Exchange in Stockholm. It lasted two years and ended in a sold-out Globe 1998.

This manager Agne Olsson worked with Lasse Flinckman for After Dark time. He believes that much of the success is due to Lasse and Christer’s dynamics.

Their differences – Christer Lindarw, the handsome star, and Lasse Flinckman, comic and fast jawed – did the sum greater than the devices.

– Lasse was a damn big part of After Dark. It was Chris and he somehow. They were as different figures. That was what made their greatness, says Agne Olsson.

• • •

The audience wanted more.

After Dark gave more.

2004, the group in the Eurovision song Contest with the song “La dolce vita”, and finished in third place. It was followed up with an album and a show, all based on pop hit.

But in 2005 said the body stops for Lasse Flinckman. In conjunction with a show in Malmo he collapsed. After very powerful cold he suffered water in the lungs.

He was sick for over five and a half months.

But of course he did not tell me how bad things were.

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Two years later turned down Flinckman Melodifestivalen. When news of the Flinckman would not participate in pop-SM Lindarw told that his colleague was close to death.

– Lasse had to be hospitalized. It was very serious, it was close to his death, said Lindarw and continued:

– The lungs collapsed simply and he was ventilated.

• • •

the disease was the beginning at the end of Lasse Flinck’s life in the spotlight.

Christer Lindarw had tried to persuade him to join. Promised to take care of the press piece – Flinckman did not feel safe with no medieuppståndelsen – but it was a flat refusal.

In the end, the group realized that he was lost. He was replaced by Lars-Åke “Babsan” Wilhelmsson.

But Flinckman lacking in social, says manager Agne Olsson.

– It still works fine, but it was very funny when Lasse was with. Purely private, he was very funny, says Olsson.

• • •

For Lasse Flinckman , the disease became a first step toward a new life.

But Christer Lindarw missing his friend. As late as 2012 he told me about the feelings of sitting on the Hamburg Stock Exchange without his colleague.

– I still miss him, especially here, ‘he said then.

In the “Summer Evening” told Flinckman 2009 on the change. Flinckman, who told him that he most weighed 135 kilograms, went down properly weight.

– I was under the weather in 2005 and then you get a different valuation of life.

– I hate to dwell on problems but I had some problems with the lungs. Then I felt that I got a different outlook on life and changed me a bit. I wanted to take it easy.

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Lasse Flinckman was marked by diseases the last time, telling his friend Lars-Åke “Babsan” Wilhelmsson. He had withdrawn the publicity and did not have a large circle of friends, as friends.

Flinckman had lost a lot of weight, and had the help of an oxygen tube. The lungs dried sometimes not, says Babsan.

But the friends were Lasse Flinckman kept up appearances, says Wilhelmsson.

– When he felt unwell, he took no contact with the people, he only showed its positive side. He was probably very tough for many days, but then he kept it for himself.

• • •

and with life-mate Henrik Strömberg he established as café owner in Scania, first in Tågarp and then in Landskrona.

It was also in a house in Tågarp he lived the last years of life. Friends describe how he lived his life very private. His circle of friends was tight.

But the cafe was described how he walked and chatted with the guests.

2009 he summed up his new life.

– This is the dream . I wish for nothing but to have to have it as good as I have it right now, ‘said Lasse Flinckman then.


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