Friday, April 22, 2016

Minneapolis honored the Prince of celebration – Aftonbladet

MINNEAPOLIS There may have been a sad day when the Prince was found dead in his home Paisley Park yesterday. But Minneapolisborna did as they had always done when it comes to local legend: They said goodbye with a bang party.

The smell of beer and spirits spread good distance away from First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, the street and the club where Prince started his musical career.

Inside there was a party.

Outside it was song and dance.

– I’ve never seen anything like it, he really means a lot to people here, ‘said Leah, 28, who lived in Minneapolis for six years, but originally from Iowa.

Dissolve the symbolic color

skyscrapers, bridges, churches, and even individual apartments loose with purple lights for the artist, who had his home and studio, called Paisley park, in Chan Hasse, an hour outside of downtown Minneapolis.

Obviously also called for Paisley park up with Prince symbolic color.

On a fence had some decorated with the words “Purple rain” by white straw paper.

– We have lost an important Minnesotabo, he was such a unique artist. He contributed so very beautiful, so much funk, and so much sex appeal to the music world, said Jennifer Hansen, 47 who had come to Paisley Park with her husband, Jeff Hansen, 43rd

Jeff grew up with Prince songs . The couple lives just three kilometers from the artist’s home.

– It was really hard to wake up to this news, said Jeff Hansen. extra Desperate call: “He is unconscious”

wanted to turn grief

They got in touch with all their friends and asked which ones wanted to come to Paisley park. A total of ten decided to get there together and sing and drink beer together.

– We wanted to somehow turn a sad event into something good, says Jennifer Hansen.

Los Angelesbon Kimberle Crenshaw took the flight to Minneapolis as soon as she heard the news. She is a lawyer and would have worked near Minneapolis this weekend, but changed the plans.

– I fell in love with the Prince when I was 16. His song “I wanna be your lover” came and I just felt: I want to be your lover! I had been in love with Michael Jackson before, but tired. Then came Prince.

She talks about how trendy-Prince was at her high school.

– He made people dance! Both black and white youths danced to him. He lived and without limitations, and invented herself anew all the time. It was hard to believe that one day he would just end up to be. READ ALSO “It was an overdose, not somebody flu”

“Where the Prince and God”

Chanhassebon Jeffrey Lambus met Prince several times, they used to go to the same church. More like Lambus not say about the religion of Jehovah’s witnesses, they both had in common.

– it’s personal, it was between Prince and God.

in contrast, he says happily on another occasion, when he was working extra to dress up as the mascot for a company in Minneapolis. when he took off his mascot head at one point stood Prince right in front of him.

– I was shocked and tried to say hello! Prince said of course, nothing. That was how he was.

he looks up at Paisley park, the place where the Prince lived out his final minutes, and sighs sadly.

– I hope they build it into a museum now. Then we keep a bit of our Prince. READ ALSO Markus Larsson: Say it is not true


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