Sunday, April 10, 2016

The injury forced Kiki to defect – Aftonbladet

It was a dramatic race in Sunday’s “Eternal Glory”.

Kicki Johansson was injured severely and forced to leave the competition.

– It was just as if a rubber band would break. The only small thigh, she said.

As leaders joined the basketball star Kicki Johansson into Sunday’s episode of “Masters Champion” . But at the end of the program she announced her defection because of a muscle damage.

It was the second branch when the champions would compete in a sprint race which the accident occurred. When the starting gun sounded the stand off, but only after a few meters Kiki falls to the ground. In the program, she heard screaming and crying in pain.

– I do not really know what happened. It was just as if a rubber band would break. The only template in the thigh. Two tendons snapped, and a third was hanging by a thread, says Kicki Johansson.

was taken to hospital

After the race was completed Kiki directly to the hospital and later returned to the masters’ house on crutches and with strong painkillers.

– They did not do anything. They examined me and told me to consult an orthopedic surgeon in Sweden, she says.

Despite the injury gave Kiki is not up, but decided to continue competing. She is changing, however, at the end of the program and choose to defect rather than to challenge another participant in a duel night.

– I weighed the pros and cons. I did not know how serious it was was. They are so into it that they want to pursue. But I’m very happy that I did not do it, she says.

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Not fully healed

at home in Sweden operated Kiki, was on sick leave for ten weeks and bedridden in two.

– I took a lot of medicine and then you get the little away. It was like a vacuum. Had I not had my partner at home, I had never passed me. I did get neither support me on the leg or bend the first few weeks, she said.

It was several months ago the injury occurred but Kiki is not fully restored. In May, still waiting for a doctor’s appointment, and in November a disability test.

– I am about to rehabilitate me and I still have pain. But I can jog and jump rope. I live a normal life if you say so, she says.

Fully restored, she will not be. With luck, she can regain 90 percent of their muscle strength.

– There will never be any Nobel dinner for me when you have to sit for five hours. But I will be able to do what I want basically, then I will feel the injury a little, she says.

“Extremely disappointed”

It is with mixed feelings Kiki looks back on time in the “Eternal Glory”.

– How stupid it sounds, I do not regret at all that I was in the program. This could happen at any time. I am of course extremely disappointed and sorry that it turned out like this, she says.

She would have preferred that she went out into the night duel against another participant.

– I can not feel satisfied and I am disappointed that I threw in the towel, but it was a really fun experience, says Kicki Johansson.

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