Sunday, April 17, 2016

Record Chance – now it is Christmas Eve for all music lovers – Expressen

There are not sold more vinyl than ever, but more than in a long time.

Although iTunes, YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify and illegal downloading pointing LP curves upward again.

In Sweden, vinyl sales increased by over 50 percent just in the past year. Global sales are the highest in twenty years.

Part of the comeback is certainly Record Store Days merit.

Today it’s time again. It’s live event in record stores that continue into the night. There are new releases in limited editions. It is Christmas Eve for music lovers and record geeks.

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This year’s ambassadors are Metallica, MP3 haters who started the whole thing when they went down to the record store Rasputin Music in San Francisco and met their fans in 2007.

for the artists who play in the country’s record shops on Saturday includes, among others weeping willows (Vaxkupan in Norrkoping, 11.00) Niki & amp; The Dove (13.00 at Bengans in Stockholm), West Bridge (Bengans Gothenburg, 15:45) and furthermore signs Hellacopters the limited edition picture disc of “supershitty to the max!” on Sound Pollution in Stockholm. There will be original composition’s only appearance together before the exclusive gig at the Sweden Rock Festival.

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In addition, continuing day with Record Store Night, at Debaser in Stockholm (Atomic Swing and the Nomads are confirmed).

But live shows are great, the interest for Record Store Day is the estimated 5 percent concert experience, 3 percent tapes, 1 cd percent, 1 percent navelpetande group and 90 percent vinyl craze.

Here beside you will find 15 exclusive super release to aim for.


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