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From the Sahara to the solo album – Göteborgs-Posten

Soon on the scene. Maria Andersson to go out and play again. But she does not like herself to go to the concert. “There is consensus that there should be great to go to a concert, but mostly I think it’s bullshit. I’m not so fond of experiencing music with others, it is so sick distracting.” Picture: Photo: Nils Petter NILSSON

The bubble has burst and the band is on the ice. Young veteran Maria Andersson debuts a second time.

Maria Andersson was still just a child when she, Josephine Forsman and Jennie and Johanna Asplund was Hotnights. When Mary was seventeen she moved to Stockholm and here she stopped.

Is Stockholm home now?
– Nah, I’ve never felt at home in a special place I live here because my friends are here. I do not think you’ll find the home to a place, it is done in people, music and art. And to some extent in nature.

You came here as a young adult and was in a rock band. How has it shaped you?
– We have marked another strong and have very much in common. Meanwhile, we are different as people and it strengthened over the years. We have grown up to individuals with different needs and are at different places, both geographically and mentally.

What happened?
– You live long in a bubble and then when it bursts, it will as a displaced teenage crisis, and then it’s easy to panic. I talked with Jonas Lundquist about that, he has the same experience from Bad Cash Quartet, it will be some things you have to figure out by itself.

Photo: Nils Petter NILSSON

What is required to keep a band together ?
– It will be easy relationsklyschigt, “you must be new to each other.” I do not know how to do that. But anyone who tries to be a collective in this super individualized time I think is worthy of praise. Being in a band is also about to put himself aside.

Was it obvious to you to make a solo album?
– Well, there’s an expectation that the singer will do it. The idea has been around for some years, but it has been quite a long process to come to if and how it would work.

Can you feel guilty for going ahead on your own?
– Yes, indeed. There is something to rub in that I take something that we have built together and then spin on it myself. On the other hand, have all the opportunity.

Hotnights had a clear sound that you tried to develop within the given framework, now fit on to do something else?
> – the challenge of a new album is always not to repeat what you did before, but when a group of people playing together, it sounds after a certain way. Now may be a little softer with softer drums and some blowing. I try to make music with a different dynamic than we did with the band, but I think we could have taken this direction even with the Sahara.

Does it feel like you’re debuting a second time ?
– In a way, though much is different of course. Then there was a collective force that we had together, but also a window which happened to be open where we could run away and get quick success, I do not know if we had been so persistent if it had been motigare the beginning. Now I have a better idea of ​​the whole process.

Photo: Nils Petter NILSSON

can you miss that feeling you can only have the first time?
– Well, it is clear. It will very far on naivety, that one does not really understand what you are doing. It’s impossible to recreate even though many try. Paradoxically, one becomes more uncertain we become older.

I saw you on the first tour, it was a shoe flying a few millimeters from your face. But you just drove on. It was cool.
– Ha, ha. Thanks! One was used, it was thrown much stuff. Shitting in it was a part of the thing, nothing could stop us.

Maria Andersson
Name: Maria Andersson Lundell
Age: 34 years
live: Aspudden in Stockholm.
> Family Husband Love Lundell, artist, son of Ulf Lundell.
Background: Years of singer and frontman of Hotnights
Current: With solo debut Succession. Playing on Pustervik in Gothenburg on 21 May.


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