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Therefore, the Prince a giant icon – Expressen

Prince was a visionary, a madman, a genius, a perfectionist, a superstar. One of the greatest.

He was very thereto. Even the cyclist.

Now he is no longer among us.

But he’s still an eternal hero.

Prince was one of pop music’s shortest – only 1.58 without her high heels – but he was one of the greatest. It bears repeating.

The Prince’s little body held an entire universe of their own.

A fascinating figure, from the big breakthrough until the unexpected end. Found dead in an elevator in her own home, 57 years old.


Yes, certainly. Michael Jackson was 50 years. Whitney Houston could not fill more than 48.

Their death notice was shattering, but their lives were long-lined public misfortune and private drug problems. It was clear that they did not feel particularly good.

David Bowie died earlier this year, 69 years old. The news of the death came suddenly, but he had after all been struggling with declining health and fled the public.

This news of the death feels .., unreal.

Prince was of course on tour . He had two recent albums in the luggage. He had just suffered some bothersome flu.

He was really g again.

To the extent that one might call a death for crestfallen, so suited Prince sudden death straight in the description.

as a sad sequel to the Sweden plays that never was six months ago.

Prince had a tour plan ready. Sweden was on the map once again, but suddenly he decided to set up everything. It is said that he was mad at the black market market could not be verified.

So he put aside his bare idea – “Piano & amp; microphone” tour – and allowed it to become a North American affair instead.

the premiere he placed Paisley Park home in Minneapolis. In his review wrote Rolling Stone that it was a “once in a lifetime” experience.

One hour after the concert’s end sat the Prince at the piano again, and tore off a new show.

crestfallen, as I said.

Prince was an brilliant live performer.

Perhaps the very best. When he was in the right mood.

The key to Prince success was his ability to fuse rock and roll, funk, soul, jazz, R & B and New wave of irresistible pop music.

the first hit single “I wanna be your lover” came in 1979, but it was the first album “1999″ – published in 1983 – multi of talent star began to rise toward heaven.

the rest of the 80-century reign Prince, along with Madonna and Michael Jackson, the world.

he was one of the first black performers to hit big on MTV, and for every new album curled his idea what pop music can be a step further.

“Purple rain” – the first album recorded with backing band the Revolution – was his first and largest commercial triumph. The album, in addition to the title song also includes classics such as “Let’s go crazy”, “I would die 4 U” and “When Doves Cry”, showcasing his musical palette. From avid funk to expressive soul to mechanically minimalist pop driven by pop history’s most fonky drum machines.

The plate came the summer of 1984. In his pieces allows the so modern that it would have come in June 2016.

In retrospect ranked “Purple rain” is often one of music history’s greatest albums.

It is still one of the most influential.

Artists like D’Angelo, Terence Trent D’Arby and Lenny Kravitz are some that clearly colored by Prince 80. In Sweden, among others Orup, Eric Gadd, Robyn and Oscar Linnros.

If you look at today’s international stars will include Kanye West that Drake owed Prince heyday both one and the other.

Michael Jackson really wanted to record a duet with Prince’s nothing strange. The guy had a nose for the perfect pop. Unfortunately refused kontrollfreaket from Minneapolis cooperation.

sequels were otherwise not nothing wrong. “Around the world in one day” (1985) was perhaps not a giant leap, but “Parade” (1986), “Love Sexy” (1988) still holds.

And in between came the triumph, the double album “Sign O ‘ The Times “(1987). One of history’s most beautiful pop album. A dance party with a dark and social pathos packaged in a perfect swing.

Prince was not only a multi-instrumentalist of enormous dimensions, he was also a magnificent producer. Who continued to promote development, and on.

After the “Batman” -parentesen 1989 remained left his hit zone at the start well into the 90s. But after “Graffiti Bridge,” “Diamonds and Pearls” and “Love Symbol Album” came the collection “The Hits / The B-Sides” as a kind of logical point for greatness era, 1993.

Sure, Prince gave out good singles ( “The most beautiful girl in the world”, “The holy river”, “Baltimore”) and decent album ( “Musicology,” “Hitnrun: phase two”) since then. But nothing compares to what he did from 1983 to 1988.

It has not always been easy to find the Prince. Far too many of the years after 1993, he has devoted to mess with record labels, look alternative distribution channels, spell their name with a symbol, fighting file sharing and Youtube, mess with new technology, make sure that certain release become so exclusive that they passed total past. Total horizontal Spotify.

But as a live performer, he has continued to be relevant. Even the cutting edge.

I’ve seen him in Stockholm a few times, in the Globe, the Royal Court and at his last concert at Skeppsholmen in 2013. It has been alternating good.

Sometimes amazing. Sometimes unruly high side. I remember something Funkjam neither made to or from, any Grunge attack that I could have been without.

But mostly I remember the crazy gig at Way Out West in Gothenburg in 2011.

There was an almost supernatural experience. A concert that was so crunching good that you just stood and gaped in astonishment and happiness.

A gig where Kanye West suddenly appeared on the scene, happy as a child to have to share the stage with their idol. Completely unconcerned over to completely end up in the shadow of Prince brilliance.

It is among the best I’ve seen. Ever.

The versions of “Nothing compares 2 U”, “If I was your girlfriend,” “Hot Thing”, “When Doves Cry” … The thirteen minutes long triumphal version of “Purple Rain”.

probably the biggest thing that taken place in Slottsskogens pride festival history. Probably even among the best ever seen on a Swedish live scene at all. In any case, for all who were lucky enough to be there, one evening just when all the stars were right.

Those who had access to the backstage area, the time has gossiped about Prince rode himself to the concert, wearing some sort of cunning disguise.

the question why the local surveillance idol took the bike to the festival and not went there in a bold SUV with tinted windows as all the other superstars have two answers.

for that he was Prince.

Because he was king.


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