Sunday, April 24, 2016

Bruce Springsteen’s tribute to Prince – Expressen

Last night played Bruce Springsteen at Barclays Center in New York.

Opening Song: Purple Rain.

tributes to the music miracle Prince has of course been many – but the question is whether this is among the larger.

the star died last Thursday and Bruce Springsteen last played before a packed Barclays Center in Brooklyn began the concert with the stage bathed in purple light.

the crowd sensed what was coming.

Then chose Springsteen and the E Street Band to pay tribute to her artistic colleague Prince – by opening the concert with a fine-tuned version of the hit “Purple rain”.

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Acclaimed David Bowie

According to the magazine Forbes – testifying to guitarist Nils Lofgren during driving tore off a superb solo – kept Springsteen after an emotional speech.

– Every time I saw Prince I left the show humility, said Bruce before he added:

– Prince forever. God bless.

megastar Springsteen currently touring with his “The River” tour ( which he, incidentally, do three gigs with at Ullevi Stadium in Gothenburg this summer ) and has previously tour hailed other artists.

the tour started on 16 January this year, about a week after David Bowie died. According to Forbes played Springsteen when Bowie song “Rebel Rebel” that night.

When Eagles member Glenn Frey died January 19 was the Eagle Song “Take it easy” performed the following day.

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Bruce Springsteen canceled gig

66-year-old Springsteen was, incidentally, a lot of attention earlier in the April when he canceled a gig in North Carolina . This after the American state adopted a new law that transgender persons are not allowed to use other toilets than those of the people of the sex they were born with.

As a result – and with our deepest apologies to our dedicated fans in Greensboro – we have set our scheduled show , “wrote Bruce Springsteen when in a press release.

for it was the Springsteen himself hailed – and when it Sweden applies this summer’s gigs are the 25 and 27 June, and July 23 will apply.

All of the concerts are sold out.


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