Saturday, April 9, 2016

The family was reunited to support Bianca – Aftonbladet

For the first time in six years, the family Wahlgren-Ingrosso overall.

In the audience sat and cheered on Bianca Ingrosso.

– The was really magic, she says.

Last week it burst for Bianca Ingrosso when she, live, received a video message from dad Emilio Ingrosso .

– He means a lot to me. He is a huge role model, she said then.

Tonight he sat in the audience along with Bianca’s brothers and mother Pernilla Wahlgren . READ ALSO Bookmakers – THE wins ‘Let’s Dance’

magical feeling

For the first time in six years, the family gathered. All the way from Mallorca Emilio had made their way to support his daughter from her seat in the audience.

– It was really magical to feel the extreme support that really was tonight. I was a little moved afterward, says Bianca.

The relationship between her parents is not the best and had a stormy breakup. But there is no quarrel between them both.

– We’ve met before, it’s my baby’s daddy so we’ve met. It does not feel strange, says Pernilla.

Bianca, she believes that the reunification of the family was significant.

– It really means a lot. She has a great relationship with both of us, but it’s not like we hang out together. But that’s fine, says Pernilla.

Danced brothers

The dance American Smooth assigned Bianca his brothers. And after his conduct family stood up and praised her.

– As a professional dancer for 20 years, I can say it was magical. They did a fantastic job. Everyone makes a horse job, says Emilio.

For the dance got Bianca season’s first tiopoängare and awarded the maximum points from the jury. But success raises the requirements.

– We have very high standards. We go into every detail when we train, says Bianca.

– We’ll come back next week and deliver a different feeling, says dance partner Alexander Svanberg .

It was not just dancing couple that joy of success score.

– Really, really fun. I was as nervous as I followed Benjamin. I have been with yourself and know how nice it is when things are going well, says Pernilla.

2014 won Benjamin Ingrosso event. It was worse, however, for mom Pernilla who had to leave the race in the sixth program in 2012. READ ALSO PLUS ” I’m as much dad mom “


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