Thursday, April 21, 2016

Rock Hard Helen Mirren in exciting drönaraction – Swedish Dagbladet

Gavin Hood
Aisha Takow, Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul, Alan Rickman, Barkhad Abdi
1 h 42 min

From 15 years.

” Eye in the sky “would complicate the technological warfare against today terrorism, including unmanned drones. While the film also sentimentalize it. Behind every bomb are still people who make difficult decisions, people of conscience and feelings, wants the film to convey.

Helen Mirren plays the tough British Colonel Katherine Powell, who for six years trying to trace a number of terrorists, including two with British citizenship and the US. Now she has finally found them in a suburb of Nairobi in Kenya. Her mission is to capture, not kill them. But the suburbs happen to be in an Al-Shababkontrollerat area which prevents a military operation, even though the local Kenyan army are jointly prepared to intervene. The terrorist’s house discovered additionally more dangerous threat. Powell sees the only solution a deadly bomb attack from the sky. The situation is complicated by the fact that a little girl, Alia, vividly played by Aisha Takow, selling bread
just off the terrorists’ nest. We have already come to know Alia
as the daughter of a progressive father who wants her to educate themselves
and live a free life. How can she be saved?

Powell believes that , you are allowed to ignore the “lateral damage” – collateral damage , as it is called in military lingo – in the repressed state. The British line – where the fine Alan Rickman, in his last role, as the honorable Lieutenant General included – are however divided on the issue. The decision pushed higher up in the political hierarchy until both the British as the US Secretary of State is involved. It is implied that the British are no more human than the hardline Americans.
Phone lines go hot between the world’s metropolises. But not enough
with it. The two “pilots” who then stationed on
ground, may also remorse. They are even beginning to cry with
considering Alias ​​uncertain fate. Incidentally, should certainly
more innocent than she was hit by a sudden boom case, in a
densely populated neighborhood and pilots should be trained before this
sort of distress. But there are still those who finally press

It should not be knit secret that it all still develop into a very interesting dilemma, not least thanks to the images from the drone. Add to that an artificial bird and an artificial beetle equipped with cameras filming the terrorists inside their hideout!

The director Gavin Hood has primarily been known as action director with such films as “Rendition” “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” and “Ender’s game” in the trunk. And it shows that he knows his stuff in tempo and cross-cutting in the “Eye in the sky”. But if it really is the conscience or the risk of being discovered – abuse images have a tendency to leak out – getting decision makers to hesitate in a situation like that in the movie bears grunnas on.


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