Saturday, April 16, 2016

Here sleep Peter Dalle in Nyhetsmorgon – Aftonbladet


In the midst of Tommy Körberg appearance in Nyhetsmorgon toksomnar Peter Dalle, who was also there visiting.

– An absurd situation, says Host Jesper Börjesson.

During the Saturday morning was both actor Peter Dalle and Tommy Körberg with the Nyhetsmorgon in TV4 to to talk about his new show.

Tommy Körberg will also perform in the studio. But when Tommy Körberg performs the song “Dream of Gun” falls asleep his audience. Peter Dalle visible to sleep through almost the entire song. What is also visible is the program director Jesper Börjesson who can not keep from laughing.

“I make him calm”

When Tommy Körberg done singing wakes Dalle and thank you for the show.

– Amazing, he says in Nyhetsmorgon and laughs.

Tommy Körberg, who is a good friend of Dalle, seems to take the event with peace.

– I affect him no quiet way he is safe and asleep. As soon as I start to talk as he falls asleep, he says jokingly in the program.

– It sounded about you, says Jesper Börjesson Dalle after the nap.

“Early morning”

Peter Dalle would not comment on the incident more. It does, however, Tommy Körberg who tells you this Nöjesbladet:

– So it will be when it’s early in the morning.

– We tried to joke it up a bit only.

no, that did not look like a joke …?

it is clear that it was a joke, but it’ll feel like seriously. But as he took in, for a while he was lying with his head behind the couch.

But you had nice else?

– Yes, and they had good coffee . But it did not bite on Peter … READ ALSO TV4 revealed Joe Laberos card tricks

“An absurd situation”

Host Jesper Börjesson says this will be a ‘future classic’. He has never been a sleeping guest in the program, what he remembers.

– He had a session where the sofa. At the same time, I’m pretty sure he was not sleeping. But you never know with Peter Dalle.

Are you still unsure?

– Yes and no.

Börjesson Dalle sat beside the couch when he slept.

– It was an absurd situation. But just fun. Sitting between Tommy Körberg with his amazing voice and Peter Dalle sleeping or pretending to sleep, it’s comedy.


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