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Band members support to Marie: “Hero” – Expressen

Monday morning came the news: Roxette stop tour, after doctors advised against Marie Fredriksson.

Now send group band members tributes and support to Marie.

It’s really sad, I think of Marie, of course, says bassist Magnus Börjesson.

the announcement came on Monday morning.

the Swedish supergroup Roxette, which topped the US Billboard charts four times, ending the tour.

This is a result of the doctor advises Marie Fredriksson from touring.

– Avicii ends its also toured. He is 30 years younger. It is it hard work, said manager Marie Dimberg and continued:

– Marie can not stand touring more.

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band celebrates Marie Fredriksson

the decision was taken in the week.

Now send group band members tributes and support to Marie Fredriksson.

Magnus Börjeson, 48, bass player:

– I was told that now today, it determined exactly. it’s really sad, I think of Marie, of course, first and foremost. It certainly is important that she feel good. But we want to play, it is fun, and that of course she. I found out an hour ago, I have not had time to think so much, says Magnus Börjesson.

Börjesson has been since Roxette resumed touring.

– It’s been amazing , it has been incredible after all. It’s enormous fun, and no one had thought well maybe they would tour again – and then suddenly we had been around the world three times as well. It’s good.

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Have had contact with Per and Marie today

In the morning he has been in contact with Per and Marie.

– Yes, with Per I had a bit sms contact here now and I have sent a message to Marie.

Christoffer Lundquist, 46, guitarist talked by Marie this morning.

– the health comes before everything. There has been absolutely incredible to tour with Roxette in four to five years. It’s incredible what we have been through. Marie has been such a goddamn hero. We have had so darn fun. Then there comes a day when you can not do it. So is life, he says, and continues:

– all this touring has been made in a spirit of joy and energy and joy. But it is clear that there has been a greater challenge for Marie than the other, with the inconvenience she had from her illness.

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