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Swedish movie bomb threat in Moscow – Expressen

The display of the Swedish film “The Boys” was canceled on Sunday on the LGBT Festival Side by Side in Moscow, writes TT.

The reason was a bomb threat.

– I’m a little upset now, says director Alexandra-Therese Keining news agency.

It was on Sunday that a display of the Swedish film “the boys “interrupted the LGBT Film Festival Side by Side in Moscow after a bomb threat, writes TT.

the director Alexandra-Therese Keining told TT that she is upset after the event.

– I little jumpy now, she says.

the film was first shown at the Toronto international film Festival last year where it competed in the “World Contemporary Section”. In Sweden, the “boys” premiered in February this year.

Olle Wirenhed, producer of “The Boys”, was not himself on the spot during the festival. But he has been in touch with the director.

– I have had contact with Alexandra very short. I saw it on Facebook and thought it was terrible, and tried to reach Alexandra and see if they were okay. The only thing I was told was that they were set in security, they thought it was nasty but they were okay. They have tried to stop the movie, I think the whole festival and the film is perceived as very controversial in Russia, because of the theme, he said.

Based on the novel “The Boys”

“The Boys” is based on youth novel by Jessica Schiefauer of the same name, and is about three best friends, Kim, Momo and Bella turned into guys and start to explore the world and themselves.

– I was very fond of the book to it was a mix between magic realism and reality. This is not a euphemistic description, it is quite tough and realistic, the director has previously told the Daily News.

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Alexandra-Therese Keining: “Too dangerous”

the novel won the August Prize in 2011 for best children’s and young adult.

Alexandra-Therese Keining believe that the “boys” are extra controversial because it is about young people exploring their gender roles, although several films shown during the Side by Side with similar themes.

– They will not show the film in its entirety. They think that it is too dangerous, says Alexandra-Therese Keining said.

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Has directed “Kiss me “

Alexandra-Therese Keining broke through with the film” Hot dog “2002 and 2011 came” Kiss me, “which was nominated for the Guldbagge. The film achieved international success. According to TT visited director film festival earlier when it was held in St Petersburg, then the “Kiss Me” was shown. The festival will then be warned of threatening reactions.

Expressen have searched Alexandra-Therese Keining.

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