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“Without Jeanette world becomes a bit boring” – Expressen

Jeanette Bonnier has passed away, 82 years old. Bjorn Vineyard remember a great patron of art and media lovers.

The very foundation of a newspaper Expressen is to have a big mouth and a big heart. It creates understood disagreements, debates and comments. Readers like and dislike – but is always engaged.

Now, the most committed of all left us, Jeanette Bonnier . She was 82 years and had just as Expressen also a big heart and a big mouth.

Her father Albert Bonnier Jr. started Expressen 1944. It was in World War II, but the end was still uncertain. It needed a counterweight to the newspapers that supported Nazism and fascism.

When Jeanette was just ten years, but the home of the Bonnier family, there was talk constantly about newspapers. Editors came and went and dad Abbe discussed the “firm’s” affairs at the breakfast table. Jeanette listened and picked up.

Over the years, Jeanette became the principal owner of the Bonnier Group, which publishes Expressen, and her interest in Expressen remained undiminished strong. In 1952, she worked herself in the newsroom as a reporter and she saved all the missions pieces she received from the managing editor Sigge Agren . She loved the newspaper in his entire life. “As long as I live will Expressen to come out!”

From the press golden age

With Jeanette Bonnier’s demise has one of the strongest links to Expressen and the Swedish press golden age ruptured. When she goes to the Swedish press history are not many left who can tell.

Jeanette Bonnier was determined to do it. One of her last big project was therefore her memoirs. She wanted to tell me about a rich and sometimes dramatic life right in the Swedish media world, but perhaps especially in the art world. “I do not want to tell you as much about the company,” she said. “Then there will be such a terrible life. I stick to the arts. ” After a lot of brain storming set the title: “I was there”.

She was born as the second daughter of book publisher Albert Bonnier Jr. and his wife Birgit . Abbe was a rather absent father engulfed by the Bonnier Group while mom Biggan was all the more present for her sister and Charlotte . “Lotta and Janne” became a courting couple on the Stockholm hotspots already as a very young and lived the high life on Teatergrillen and Riche. Stockholm’s young men flocked around them, and it was on the verge of Jeanette married the most handsome of them all – her relative racer Joachim “Jocke” Bonnier. The invitations to the wedding of Jacob’s Church followed by dinner at Stallmästarergården was already finished when Jeanette pressed the brake pedal and the Abbe had to send the invitations to the waste paper. “Jocke was nice but boring,” said Jeanette but kept a copy of the invitation card for the rest of his life. Inspired by the romance with Jocke drove Jeanette and Biggan Midnattssolsrallyt in an old VW – and came, not least to their own surprise, runner-up.

Hit the big

After a failed marriage to the doctor Bengt Thomasson from 1958 to 1961, she married in 1964 with director Hans Dahlin and started a bourgeois family life with stylish artwork of Luciano Fontana over the fireplace. The daughter Maria was born in 1965.

But being right there did not really work for Jeanette Bonnier. She met Jörn Donner and they married in Lisbon and launched a sometimes tumultuous marriage that lasted until, 1988.

And it is during this time that her interest and nose for art developed significantly. The scene is New York, including as a gallery owner in Manhattan. Here were all the new American stars out, with great impact but meager financial results. Dad Abbe felt that she would also sell postcards and Coca-Cola in the gallery in order to improve cash flow, Jeanette was furious but held out for three years.

She was there and met all the big and bought the works she liked and founded an art collection of absolute world class. Andy Warhol was sitting in her kitchen, Keith Haring was friends with her daughter.

Then came the Big Bang.

Maria Bonnier Dahlin killed in a car accident in the summer of 1985, and life was never like before. “I think about her every day.”

Forms Bonnier Konsthall

Jeanette Bonnier formed the Maria Bonnier Dahlin Foundation, which since then every year awarded scholarships to promising young Swedish artists. When reading the list of grantees is struck by the accuracy of the sample. A majority has quickly gone from promising to become major players in the Swedish and international art scene.

The highlight of Jeanette Bonnier handed in art is of course the inauguration of Bonniers Konsthall ten years ago. A very ambitious project that sorely show Jeanette Bonnier’s central location on the art scene. It won no facile victories with vandringstutställningar of broad oeuvre, but here it is the present and look ahead to apply.

Within a month, the anniversary is celebrated both for Maria Dahlin scholarship and the Art Hall. Jeanette Bonnier passed away in the midst of planning for it. She would have liked to be there.

Visible owners

Jeanette Bonnier in time became the Bonnier Group’s largest individual shareholder. Issued in boards and foundations. In addition to Expressen, she felt a lot of Swedish Film Industry, among others, she has written the screenplay for the film “Manrape”. Jörn Donner directed: “He was no good at it.” But for the large crowd, she was not so famous.

In recent years, this was changed radically. Jeanette Bonnier appeared in television programs “My truth” and “Skavlan” in debates at the National Press Club and in other similar contexts. “Is it a family business so it should also be visible representatives of the family,” she said, and delivered some more harsh comments about Swedish media and their future.

This is to take into saying that she was beloved by the people of coup, but she was noticed by the large audience who liked it the saw.

Now Jeanette Bonnier is not here anymore.

Express and the Swedish media world has lost a great supporter and art world has become a bit boring.

Bear Vineyard’s former long standing employee of the Bonnier Group.


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