Thursday, April 14, 2016

Hakan Hellstrom | She is a runaway – Göteborgs-Posten

Photo: Per Wahlberg

Håkan Hellström his songwriter friends have once again taken a sweet tooth reference turn in the popmusikaliska candy store.

This is the runaway girl back in the second song from Hakan Hellstrom upcoming ep . You know she was on a corner already I do not know who I am but I know I’m yours. Remember also Del Shannon Runaway included in Håkan Hellström’s live repertoire in the early years.

When you listen to this new song, it is impossible not to feel an immediate need to pick up Soul Asylums 90 -tals-pearl Runaway Train. Yes, it is true that Håkan Hellström and his songwriter friends once again have a sweet tooth reference turn in the popmusikaliska candy store.

This being said, She’s a runaway a really fine pop song. If Your time will come is an arena-closers maker, this is among the softest and most elegant Håkan Hellström have done. It testifies that the upcoming ep, 1974, musically varied.

Here are intermingled soft drums, acoustic guitars, summer balmy choirs and especially strings which surely is a result of cooperation with Anders Berglund GP could write about last year.

Berglund was the conductor when Ted Gärdestad won Melodifestivalen 1979 with its satellite. Gärdestad’s another of Håkan Hellström’s major sources of inspiration, and it’s funny how the Swedish popular music history can be woven together in this way.

fact Hakan Hellstrom with She a runaway has made its interpretation of the Swedish vintage-pop from the late sixties and early seventies. At the same time, one can also imagine Hellstrom as one of Göteborg Tom Petty with the West Coast’s answer to Jeff Lynne at producer levers. That’s what separates a pastiche from a genuine music making, to recognize the elements but still hear its own tone.

The text is another piece tastefully fragmented and bittersweet romance. If eye gaze brutal volatility and a limping dog who sleeps through the summer.

Young Göteborg FC have high aspirations


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