Friday, April 8, 2016

They fight for victory in Let’s Dance – Aftonbladet

Several weeks remain before the 2016 winner of the “Let’s Dance” will be crowned.

But, according to the gaming companies are fighting really just between two people – Bianca Ingrosso or Elisa Lindstrom.

– Shit! Now it was after all not a little pressure on them, says Bianca Ingrosso.

Three celebrities have had to leave. Eight remain. But really, the struggle for victory only between two people. At least if you believe the gaming companies’ “prophetic”.

According to them, namely, any of the Bianca Ingrosso , 21, or Elisa Lindstrom , 24 , to stand as the winner of the “Let’s dance” in 2016.

– Shit! Now it was after all not a little pressure on, motherfuckers what sick. Then it was just to practice even more time, says Bianca Ingrosso. Let’s Dance Reveal the truth – if their parents

“My friends do not watch”

Bianca does not know that she has the eye on which the is like voting for her every week, but admits that she may have some advantage of their many fans on blogs and social media.

– I think that they vote in any case! My friends are watching and not on the “Let’s Dance” so I have really bad track of who is a typical “Let’s Dance” -tittare year talked, she says.

What is your greatest strength?

– it is enough that something happens in me when it will be live. Then I give 100 percent, says Ingrosso.

Will using large audience

Elisa Lindstrom is accustomed to be in the limelight in the television context. In 2010 she won

“Dansbandskampen ‘on SVT with the band Elisa , and in 2013 she stood as victors in TV4′s” Clash of the Choirs “.

Now she admits that past successes can promote her “Let’s dance”.

– It can certainly be an advantage. I know I have a big audience out there in the country, and in addition to the voting habit. But it is not certain that the vote on this, but I hope and believe it, she says. READ ALSO PLUS Bianca on the life of celebrity families: “We are arguing very much”


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