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Style Safe debut novel in Lindqvist’s “Splice” – Expressen

The onset Lina Josefina Lindqvist is already a mature stylistic.

Annina Rabe reads “Splice,” a novel in ishavsmiljö.

the island is a rewarding venue novels. The isolated and distinct place, often with a barren, inhospitable landscape that creates harsh living conditions. The difficulty of getting there.

In recent memory I have, for example, Victoria marshland ruffled relationship drama “In the ultimate” from last year, but there are many other examples. So many that the island environment is actually likely to feel a little worn out.

And at first, I also feel very well recognize myself in the environment in Lina Josefina Lindqvist debut novel “Splice”. It takes place on an island in the Arctic Ocean, where a few people living in precarious conditions. Here cleaned fish and fought relentlessly against the weather. Tourists sometimes come to the island for bird watching, but they will soon go away.

On the island’s only hotel operating the novel’s protagonist, a young woman named Maren. She once an intense desire elsewhere and gather in secret money in a tin, money that will one day lead her away from the island.

But over time She has her duties. Against his single mother and his brother. And her grandmother’s abandoned house is now completely invaded by wild cats Maren regular foods.

Just the description of the cat house is one of the novel’s most memorable parties. Lindqvist describes carefully and sensual the stinking decay that prevails there and the feral cats that are liberating ogulligt signed. Living conditions are the conditions of life – and it is very precisely what this novel is about.

The question is whether Marens longing is strong enough to overcome her sense of duty. And things happen in the novel, based on people coming to the island and relationships change that makes the move less obvious. Lindqvist builds slowly up this human drama, a bit too slow, I think sometimes.

The novel could have been condensed more precisely with an emphasis on the human. But Lina Josefina Lindqvist is already a mature stylistic that surely has more novels in itself than this.

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