Sunday, April 24, 2016

50 Cent shows up picture of unknown son – Expressen

50 Cent met his unknown son Davian this weekend, according to a post on Instagram.

Now, he writes about the emotional meeting.

” my life is full of surprises, this is my son Davian, “he writes to the image.

it has previously been known that the rapper 50 Cent, 40 , has two sons with two different women. Marquise Jackson, 18, and the Sire Jackson; 3.

But, according to a post on the rapper Instagram, he has a hitherto unknown son – who he met.

“My life is full of surprises, this is my son Davian. he started crying, and I thought, ‘Why are you crying? I have to pay for this shit’. LMAO “he writes to the picture where he stands with a child.

however, it is unclear whether they have met before.

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50 Cent’s followers congratulates

followers on Instagram gives his congratulations to the rapper, but some also question how you could not have learned of it before.

“how did this under the radar?” write a follower.

“That’s what gentlemen do. Take responsibility for his crap,” writes another follower.

“So glad that you are in his life now,” writes one more followers.

had no contact with her son

50 Cent had in 2012 a notable sMS quarrel with his elder son, Marquise Jackson, which ended with the rapper said the acquaintance with son.

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“Proud and supportive father”

two years ago said the son’s mother Shaniqua Thompkins, that they had not met since the quarrel.

“50 are saddened because of his son’s mother and her attention-seeking tactics. He will continue to be a proud and supportive father and feels blessed to have two sons, “said the rapper representatives then, according to TMZ.

filed for personal bankruptcy

the rapper has had financial problems recently. In July last year filed 50 Cent for personal bankruptcy, after being sentenced to pay SEK 42 million to a woman for having published a sex tape with her.


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