Tuesday, April 26, 2016

“Captain America: Civil War” capable approved labeling – Sveriges Radio

The most amazing Marvel superhero films from 2008 onwards are not special effects, not the dystopian intrigues or the unlikely mixture of Nordic asamytologi and American pop culture.

No, really cross and innovation with these superhero movies is the way you planned, coordinated and produced Marvel’s movies and TV series of the past decade. A marketing strategy that completely changed the international cinema box office, as more and more copied Marvel’s long-term planning and movies with an infinite number of sequels.

Today it exempe I already have a list of nine movies under the flag Marvel cinematic Universe to be released until 2020, but internally it has begun planning to biosäsongen 2028. Each year they release one, two or three new films. And, in every film introduces one or two new characters.

So to see “Captain America: Civil War” is also like watching a filmed marketing plan. Here we first see the African militant Black Panther, who will get his own movie in 2018. And so a new version of Spiderman entrance – an establishment before his new movie 2017.

And the concept has now copied – both with other superhero franchise and the way Disney is planning several parallel the Star Wars concept in the coming years.

The film company called “Captain America: Civil War” for the first film in the third phase of the Marvel superhero films. And by now are all super heroes action intricate threads together. So this film feels less like a private adventure ended, and more like an episode of an extremely lengthy television series.

The plot involves the public now begun to tire of the self-righteous frifräsare in tights. Incredibles must be regulated in some way, and the United Nations would now take command of them and use the superhero group The Avengers as a reaction force in the conflict. Something that leads to internal conflicts within the Avengers now beginning does battle with each other about it.

Now, the series production and economies does not exclude quality. And the superhero factory Marvel success also this time delivering an okay movie that can pass mark. Much thanks to the franchise’s very own niche. The humor. Most of the in jerseys heroes have at least a certain distance itself, making even infinitely extended super fight tolerable.

And while Paul Rudd figure Ant-Man, the ironic tiny supermyrmannen, is on a corner, as here, the film always works for me. This time försärkt a CUBBISH Spiderman that, a little starstruck, for the first time, the fight against real superheroes.

The contrast with the latest Batman film and the stone dull seriousness of it could not be greater.


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