Sunday, April 17, 2016

Mia changes: “Could be a seasonal” – Aftonbladet

After the second season of “Parneviks” said Mia that she and her family were done with the program.

Now, she changes her mind – and opens up for a sequel.

we’re not planning people so we’ll see quite easily, she says.

In late March gave Mia Parnevik told that the will be no third season of Parneviks.

Now, she says to Aftonbladet that it is not impossible that there will be another season.

– We have a good conversation with TV3 and it has we had all the time, but I really do not know. It’s quick jerks in our family. we are not planning people, so we’ll see simply says Mia Parnevik.

It sounded like a definitely no before?

– Yes, but everyone calls right after they have finished a series. you have to breathe and time to enjoy everything that happens. one should not hurry. There must be a lustfylldhet in what you do. you have to land.

“Lacks all people”

Mia Parnevik says that it was the same thing after the first season. Even when the family had planned to be in a second season.

– Everyone thinks it’s fun so it’s not the thing, but we are many. And everyone must want, she says.

– It’s hard to get it together. We have four children and everyone goes to university. Then we Pegs career, it’s a crazy thing.

Would you miss it if it does not get any more season?

– It lacks the all people, then maybe you do not miss the hectic schedule. But yes of course, I like people, it’s never empty in our house.

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“Jesper proud”

on Saturday played Mia Parnevik in a pilot for a new program, “the greatest day” on TV3. The program is to be surprise people, for example their wedding.

– It’s great, really. It was not thought that I would do anything, but when I was asked, I felt like it was me, says Mia Parnevik.

In the program, she has the role of host.

– I shit nervous. It’s hard, you should be on the most important day in someone’s life, it’s pretty big. It is a great responsibility, I think, you do not want to intrude on either, she says.

When the nerves inserting seeking Mia support of the family.

– I’m not a hostess really I’m just myself. I can not be anything else. Jesper is proud of me, then I am happy. The children are proud of me, then I am happy.

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