Friday, April 15, 2016

600 releases for Record Store Day – Sveriges Radio

The Record Store Day started in 2007 in the United States and has since grown to become an annual day of celebration for the record stores. Above all with the backdrop of the stores’ difficulties for the increasing dominance in the market of streaming and digital download.

– The fact that so many record stores the last 10-15 years has disappeared, it is of course a celebration to the record store is still relevant, says Anders Iwers involved in sales and purchasing records on Bengans in Gothenburg.

Bengans themselves operate in large cities but across the country there are record stores that will also celebrate the day. Stores that according to Anders Iwers attention should be paid on a day like this.

– There are many shops, mostly at the enthusiast level today. There are enthusiasts everywhere and it should never joke away. There are lots of niche stores that operate in the shadows and it is perhaps those one will lift up.

In the latest sales statistics from the IFPI, an umbrella organization for record labels, have streamed music services now reached 82 percent of the music market. Above all land taken from the CD that pulled in sales of 12 percent, while vinyl sales continue to increase. In 2015 it increased by 54 percent, something Anders Iwers mean affecting record stores.

– Yes, those dark years are over now. It went out now that vinyl had increased by 50 percent last year. There has been an increasing trend in 8-10, so for us it is nothing new and there are no signs that it will reverse either. So I see it as a direct reaction to streaming services, that people are tired of 40 million songs on shuffle and to listen to the disc.

For Record Store Day is also vinyl for extra major focus. The day has namely been a time for artists to release exclusive releases.

– It has grown a lot. I do not have any numbers on it but there are over 600 titles coming this day, only in Sweden. There is quite a lot. Then everything will be coming from the US, Holland, England, importing stuff. They come in afterwards but it is the same there if not greater, says Anders Iwers.


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