Wednesday, April 20, 2016

AC / DC Singer: Not retired – Västerbotten Folkblad

AC / DC singer Brian Johnson has gone out with a clarification since the band announced that he will be replaced by Guns’n’Roses-diton Axl Rose for the remainder of AC / DC’s ongoing tour, writes Pitchfork.

“I want to explain the reason behind my defection personally because I believe that previous releases have not been clear enough,” writes Johnson.

he writes that his initial hearing problems meant that he got more and more difficult to hear the band’s guitars on stage.

“I was afraid that my own behavior would be affected by it. Such a thing, I could not allow. “

Brian Johnson also greet that he has dropped out of the band and that his doctor has said that he can continue working in the studio.

” I hope that my hearing improved so that I can return to the stage. The outcome is uncertain but my attitude is optimistic, “writes Johnson.


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