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Roxette set the tour – after the doctor’s advice – Aftonbladet

Roxette sets his upcoming tour.

The decision taken on the advice of Marie’s doctor.

– There is an obvious decision to take over the circumstances, says Marie Dimberg, the manager.

Roxette’d begun the completion of his tour “RoXXXette 30th Anniversary Tour” on 3 June. So it will not be.

In a press release, the band announced that the tour is set. The decision is made on the advice of Marie’s doctors, and means that Roxette touring is over.

– It’s been 30 great years! I feel only happiness and joy when I look back at all the gigs around the world during this long period of time. I am particularly proud and grateful to have come back after my illness in 2009 and played us a few more laps around the earth! Now touring over for me and I thank our fantastic audience who had been on the trip, said Marie in the press release.

“Thank you all the wonderful fans”

Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle thank fans and employees for the years.

– It has been a remarkable time that lasted virtually throughout our adult lives. Thanks to all musicians and collaborators along the way, thank all the wonderful fans, all you who listened and spejat, encouraged, expected residual, sung and laughed and cried. Without you nothing (and I mean NONE!) Worked, says Per continues:

– My God, what a great view we had! Now Roxette rough handling over many over. Sure, it was fun? “

Roxette released the single” It just happens “8 April and 3 June, their tenth album” Good karma. ”

According to Roxette’s manager Marie Dimberg, Marie Fredriksson to participate in the work of the upcoming album and a video for the single.

Will work with the album and the video

Marie Dimberg would not comment Marie’s state of health at all, whether it worsened or improved. She says, however, that there could be more albums in the future.

– There is an obvious decision to take under the circumstances. This means that touring is over, that’s it, she can not cope. If there are more albums, we can not say anything about yet, and there are very few artists who can tell when they are about to release a new. Work on the album and an upcoming music video is still in progress and this will Marie be involved in. It is unclear if needed more recording work or remaining work is of a minor character.

– She will be working with the disc and video but touring takes a lot of strength. There are the comments we have.

Since his comeback in 2009, Marie Fredriksson toured around the world, Europe in the summer and South Africa in January. The set tour was third.

– There have been very many gigs since she came back. But that is it hard work to be on tour and now she felt that it was too tiring. That was it for Avicii too and he is 30 years younger.

“Do not go into any detajer”

Kristofer Akesson of the organizers Live Nation announced that all tickets will be refunded and insists that a tour comeback in the future is utresluten.

– this is of course very sad, we as organizers have been involved from the beginning, before Roxette was, with both Marie and Per careers so this is disappointing in many ways while we have both the understanding and respect for Marie’s decision.

She has toured much since his comeback, come this decision suddenly or have you discussed it back and forth?

– I do not want to go into details about it. We had a tour that worked very well and now we are here with Marie’s doctor’s advice not to put touring. There is not much more to say.

Got half a year left to live

Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle formed Roxette in 1986 and debuted with the single “Neverending Love”. Their international breakthrough came with “The Look” in April 1989. Marie’s tumor was discovered in September 2002 after she collapsed at home in the bathroom. The band would just go on the press tour of Europe but to set the time.

Marie Fredriksson fought against the disease and had to learn to speak again, getting impaired vision, when it was the toughest doctors gave her six months left to live.

in the book “the love of life” she talks about the tough time, how her husband Michael Bolyos prepared that she would not survive and that she was still suffering from radiation injury that makes her mobility in the foot, leg and the hand is impaired.

2005, she was declared healthy. After the difficult time she brought back to life as an artist, and has toured despite health problems. For several gigs, she sat on a chair and led to and from before and after the gig.

– Absolutely amazing that she even stand on stage after what she has gone through. And everything works well. It is a miracle that she’s back, said Per Gessle then.


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