Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Alexander wanted to be Tarzan to impress the father Stellan – Aftonbladet

London. Alexander Skarsgard took on Tarzan to impress the father Stellan.

But the role he had in because of its well-trained physique.

– finding a really good actor, but a really good body is actually tricky, says David Yates, who directed “the Legend of Tarzan,” while Aftonbladet meets him in London.

He took the role to impress the father Stellan.

– My father was, and is, a huge Tarzan fan. When he was a child in Sweden in the 50s and 60s, he used to go every Saturday matinee performances and see Johnny Weissmuller on the big screen. So when I was growing up, he had video cassettes that we looked at, says Alexander Skarsgard 39th

Aftonbladet is the only Swedish newspaper on location in London when the Swedish Hollywood star hits the press to talk about the upcoming blockbuster “the Legend of Tarzan”.

– that was 70 years ago Johnny Weissmuller recorded his last Tarzan movie? So it was not so scary for me (to take on the role). It did not feel like I took over a role from someone who’s done it two years ago, it’s been so long. I will never try to compete with Johnny Weissmuller, I just wanted to impress my dad says Alexander Skarsgård. READ ALSO PLUS Gladiators: So we got our super cells

director: An obvious choice

And certainly became a father Stellan Skarsgard , 64, impressed.

– He was more excited than me. Actually, in real life, Skarsgård says with a laugh.

For the film’s director David Yates was early obvious that the role of Tarzan would go to Alexander Skarsgard. Thanks to the Swede’s fit physique.

– I knew it just has to be Alex in a very early stage. I do not want to lie, to find a really good actor but a really good body is actually tricky. Someone who can act as brilliant as Alex can and at the same time looks stunning without any clothes on.

Coming to Sweden in July

Skarsgård sits beside David Yates laughs teasingly when he says it continues:

– the combination of the gifts …

Above all, it was Alexander Skarsgard length fell to his liking.

– the Tarzan I had in my head was tall, vertical, Alex has it, along with his grace and dignity. Previously, Tarzan always felt broad and square, he said.

– I had been thinking in like five minutes, when Alex showed up in the tank and then it was all the time him, I imagined myself in the role, no matter who we met . So we built the role around him.

“The Legend of Tarzan” has Swedish premiere on 13 July. READ ALSO Skarsgård sexskada denied by his colleague


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