Friday, April 15, 2016

Not completely taken out of the air that children prohibit Osten movie – Swedish Dagbladet

Suzanne Osten
Children and youth
Esther Quigley Maria Sundbom, Simon Norrthon
1 hour 30 min

from 15 years

It looked so clear-out in advance. A struggling Swedish playwright, director and writer who for decades have stood up for good cultural encounter on patrol after finally, with the help of a crowdfundingkampanj, flashed his feature film. It’s about mental illness and apparently is not something that children should be aware of determine the National Media Council and coats the film by 15-year limit. All the while the “Star Wars: The Force awakens,” which begins with a mass murder of an entire village, to show to a younger audience. What is this culture dusk? All true children’s culture dare to look dark. Children should not be fooled to believe that adults are infallible. And so on.

90 minutes later, the emotions are different. Wanting to children prohibit the film does not feel completely taken out of the air. “The girl, her mother and Demons” is an important film, yet very frightening. It’s about Ti (Esther Quigley) and her mother Siri (Maria Sundbom) hiding from the outside world in an incredibly handsome retro apartment in Stockholm. The mother has cut all ties with its immediate – no one knows where they are – and the floor quickly filled with artful stinking rubbish heaps. The mother is governed by various demons (Simon Norrthon others) moving through the rooms. They forbid visits to the toilet – the girl gets to pee in jars that are everywhere. Dinners are eaten directly from the can. Dirt spots growing on Tue dress. The mother will still see as if she comes from a Hollywood film from the 40′s.

Suzanne Osten has during his career, repeatedly returned to his childhood trauma of growing up with a schizophrenic mother. She tells of the mother in his debut film “Mother” (1982) and youth film “Bengbulan” whose 15-year limit also became the topic of debate, also revolves around a girl living alone with a psychotic sopsamlande mother. Four years later, the picture book “The girl, her mother and garbage” with illustrations by Ann Hoglund. The book was theater, and is also recorded as a radio program in Educational Broadcasting, before the document was turned another notch and turned to film.

the mother of some of his demons. Photo: Sebastian Danneborn

The theatrical is still abundantly present in the story, especially in the scenes in the apartment where the white-painted demons playing with his living puppet. It makes you get some distance to the frightening reality that is depicted, but also that events sometimes feels simplified and pretend. Esther Quigley exudes both the fragility and the enormous strength that a life in the borderland of insanity bepansrar man with. Maria Sundbom is grandiose as the narcissistic mother.

Ti is never afraid of his mother. Bitwise their relationship is very tender – they play cards, and Siri tells stories to his daughter while she paints on the walls. However ashamed Ti for her when she comes to school and behave strangely. But the longer the plot progresses, the stronger the demons and finally calls the Siri to do away with the daughter. And when they do, in any case I forgot the initial ostentatious patch “this is a movie .”

Suzanne Osten contested 15-year limit and won, but it delayed three weeks before the decision becomes final.


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