Saturday, April 9, 2016

Hellenius about the big news, “crazy idea” – Expressen

Here is the big turnaround for “Let’s Dance” in TV4.

Now reunited old favorite participant to again dance in the competition – but under completely different conditions.

– a right crazy idea and then it’s just to catch on, I feel, says David Hellenius in a press release.

After the “Let’s dance “rating winner TV4 channel has now decided to continue to ride the wave.

For autumn field David Hellenius, 42 Tony Irving, 49, Ann Wilson, 47, and Cecilia Lazar, 56, out on tour with the new concept “Let’s dance live” – ​​a show that will visit major venues around Sweden.

David Hellenius: “Troubled fun”

in the show, seven dancers compete to be tonight winners – the participants are still unknown, but in a press release revealing the production company flash & amp; Co. that old looking favorites will reunite this fall.

– To take out a big production like “Let’s Dance” on tour’re a true crazy idea and then it’s just to catch on, I feel. It will be crazy fun to go out on the road with this gang. After all the years in the television studio, we look forward to finally meet all the “Let’s Dance” TM fans around Sweden, says David Hellenius in a press release.

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But it is not just the old favorites that will show up – further revealed even to participants, also from the current season will participate in the live show in the fall.

Just as in “Let’s dance” viewers will have much to say in terms of who wins the competition. In the live version, crowd smsrösta.

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Cecilia Lazar: “A challenge”

But the most to say, as always, the tough jury. Cecilia Lazar has so far only been sitting as judges in the five programs, she says that there will be a big challenge.

– It’s a new thing and we need to make great, of course, says Cecilia Lazar.

the contract was written on Tuesday, juror says that everything went very quickly.

– all happened in the space of a week, it’s very fast pucks everything. But it’s safe because I’m new. I think that Ann and Tony were surveyed bit different and earlier.

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