Saturday, September 3, 2016

Do not fear the aging process, it can be pretty cool – Metro

Are you afraid of getting old and the marginalized? The aging process can actually be pleasurable. Freedom is larger and fewer obligations than earlier in life. Many of the so-called record generation (born 1945-1954) coats out of retired life.

Personally, I like 65-year-old favor of having more than 13,600 followers on Instagram. I will be courted by fashion companies and interviewed by the magazine, including foreign ones. Somewhat crazy. Also: Never before have I had so many friends from the younger generations.

So here it is: At age 60, I was a true baggy old man who for 40 years worked as a copywriter and also a journalist. Most had revolved around job. I asked myself then, as many in this age do – was this all? It was fortunately not. Now, after a total makeover, with a healthier way of life and a style interest previously slumbered deep, life is something else entirely.

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the closet was replaced by so-called army- and workwear, a vibrant subculture all around the globe, particularly in Japan. Why workwear? I see it as a pleasurable alternative to genealogy. My ancestors were fishermen and small farmers in the archipelago, and my father was an officer in the Finnish Winter War. I began to dress like them. These changes were the result of my existential thoughts. Through Instagram, I have made new friends with common interest, and I meet them at the side trip to London, Berlin and Paris.

Perhaps it confidently about their own future as young followers, mostly in Asia, occasionally comment on my Instagrambilder with “you are so cool man, I wanna age like you”? Perhaps they think that there must be pest to be old. My routing is not just about nostalgia. For younger people will like to have an exchange with me required that I’m curious, listen and try to understand the contemporaries who shape them. It is not enough right clothes.

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In Sweden seen rock culture sometimes still as a youth. So it is not in metropolises. In London talk with contempt about the CMO, groovy old men. For example, Bryan Ferry, Iggy Pop, Mick Jagger and designer Paul Smith. Among the “timeless” women include Patti Smith, Emmylou Harris, Lauren Hutton, Susan Sarandon and Danish Sanne Salomonsen. All those with a hip factor even among younger generations.

If the strength and the desire is there, just drive on. As worn vintage clothing has status, may also well-annual rings in the face it?

Svante Nybyggars, former copywriter. found on instagram as @theurbanhippieswe


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