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Flinck’s last fight – Lindarws words – Expressen

Christer Lindarw jumped into the longest for a miracle when Lasse Flinckman fell asleep.

In the book “This Is My Life” says the star of the big missing.

“it feels very strange that he is not there anymore. he was a cheerful soul and his sharp tongue and his personality lives on in us who got to take part of it,” it says in “This is My Life “.

Dragshow artist and fashion designer Christer Lindarw, 63, has a long and successful career behind him. Next week published a biography of the star, “This is my life” – written by Christina Kellberg.

The book says Christer Lindarw of his long and eventful life, both the highlights and the darker moments.

as recently as April of this year hit Christer Lindarw of a heavy loss, when the star’s sidekick Lasse Flinckman died, aged 66, after having had poor health for several years.

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Along with Roger Jönsson founded Lasse Flinckman and Christer Lindarw the Swedish drag show group After Dark in 1976.

the group got its big break with floor show “Seducing Sweden in time”, the Hamburg Stock Exchange in Stockholm. And in the “new order” says Christer about longing for his friend Lasse Flinckman – who died when a strong bacterial giving him pneumonia.

Later they spoke was in March – Lasse Flinckman then had been sick for eleven years.

“He had opinions about our numbers, lighting and camera angles. He got involved really in our participation,” it says in “this is My Life”.

2009 forced Lasse Flinck’s health him to leave after dark – instead, he was replaced by Lars-Åke “Babsan” Wilhelmsson.

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If Christer and Lasses relationship, towards the end of Lasse Flinck’s life, writes Christer Lindarw:

“We called each other at times, and in the summers I went to Skåne and greeted him. There, he ran cafe with her boyfriend. When we met, he did not talk about that he was poor but hear gossip from Stockholm and how everything went. we got easier to socialize, had released all the prestige and rivalry and could be pulled sore points. Both he and I became more humble over the years and was much kinder to each other. “

In the longest Christer had hoped for a miracle.

” But even though I knew how weak he felt terribly empty and sad when I received the news that he had fallen asleep. He, Roger Jönsson and I created the After Dark, and now there is only one left of the original gang. He and I showed off, laughing and teasing. We vacationed together, had a lot of fun together. We were formed together throughout our adult lives. No one but Lasse has made me laugh so much. So much that I once had a kidney stone attack. It feels very strange that he does not exist anymore. He was a cheerful soul and his sharp tongue and his personality lives on in us who got to take part of it, “it says in” This Is My Life “.


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