Thursday, September 1, 2016

File sharers need of replacement – Västerbotten Courier

Up to a thousand Swedes will in the coming weeks to get dunning letters at 2 000 to the fildelat movies and TV shows illegally, according to Swedish Television News.

the initiative is called Spread Kollen, and behind it is the debt collection company Gothia Debt collection, which monitors the copyrights of film and television titles of Scanbox, Noble Entertainment, Atlantic and Crystalis Entertainment in Sweden.

it starts with a information campaign, then will dunning letters will be sent out to identified file-sharers.

the company has looked at 150 movies and TV series that is on the network and, with the help of a special software that tracks IP addresses, asked out the Swedes shared and downloaded files.

– Since we are not an agency, we can not ask for fines. If we get a statement of opposition the case can be driven in court, says Gordon Oden Bark, vice president of the Gothia Debt Collection, SVT News.


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