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Want more of Amy Schumer? Here are five favorites – Sydsvenskan

The outspoken feminist is just right for 2016. On Friday evening takes Amy Schumer Forum in Copenhagen. Anna Hellsten has chosen five favorites from her repertoire.

Amy Schumer occupy Forum in Copenhagen. Image : Jordan Strauss

If there had been a machine that could invent the perfect comedian for that 2016 had probably churning out something similar to Amy Schumer: a fun and straightforward feminist, glamorous enough for Hollywood but also down to earth enough not to alienate their fans. The other week, she said she hated to go on the exclusive fashion party The Met Gala in New York and never thought of going there. And in his show on HBO begins she to account for its New Year’s resolution: to the inside of her used underwear does not look like something out of children’s film “Charlotte’s Web”. The women in the audience folds of laughter.

It is certainly risky to lean too much toward the identification and model expectations. Partly because it is hopeless to please everyone – when the magazine Glamour in early summer claimed that Schumer was plus size she was offended and said that she was normal, which in turn offended those of her fans who until then seen her figurehead women who are not ashamed of their clothing size. And model the role is not necessarily to the benefit of the comedy: humor Hotter with your index finger has an unfortunate tendency to choke herself with complacency and cleverness.

Schumer, however, has handled it deftly: she often manage to give their skits and his standup a sharp political edge without necessarily making themselves the representatives of the Fine and Notify. The key to it is the stage persona she has created: a messy, self-destructive brutta like super, fucks around and making a fool of himself, someone whose experiences have made her cynical rather than upright. When she instead satirizes the walks she belongs, she is merciless – white, self-centered and privileged girls whose perspective begins and ends at the tip of the nose own. Or say this: no one who has seen the comedy show Inside Amy Schumer will ever be able to mindfulness fantasize about opening his own bakery without a blush of embarrassment.

Over three years have passed since her big break, and right now seems she basically unstoppable. Earlier this summer, said Meryl Streep that if it ever made a film about her life as she wants Amy Schumer play the main role, last week released Schumer his first book of Stieg Larsson flashing entitled “The Girl With the Back Tattoo” and last weekend she began a world tour on Friday evening at the Forum in Copenhagen. As the charge we have put together a small list of Schumers best, smartest and funniest moments so far.

first The load fuckable day (skit)

Actually, more clever than funny. And much more outrageous than funny, considering how accurately it reproduces Hollywood’s view of women aging – these include a reference to the true story of how Sally Field in just six years went by to play Tom Hanks’ girlfriend turned his mother.

Amy Schumers perhaps most acclaimed sketch, it is, at least, a kind of dinner event in a pastoral landscape where Schumer powerwalkar right into Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette celebrating that Julia now reached the point in their careers, when she no longer considered as credible as sex objects. “It is quite incredible that they let me be knullbar until I turned fifty,” said Julia, and points out that now only remains the main roles in the movies where you get to compete with another woman to sleep with Jack Nicholson, or in the movies where poster depicts a kitchen and the title is something uplifting, but vaguely, that ‘whatever it takes’.

They celebrate with carbohydrates – a mountain of cookies and a bowl of Ben & amp; Jerry’s ice cream with vanilla label of A Certain Age and notes that it will be nice to grow out pubeshåret again.

2. Girl, You Do not Need Makeup (song)

A couple of years ago spread the hashtag #wokeuplikethis like wildfire on Instagram after Beyonce posted a selfie where she claimed to be unvarnished. The point of it all was that women would embrace their inner beauty, that is, to show a face freed from the evil beauty industry chains. However, everything was just new wrapping paper of the same old double standard cake: natural beauty is okay as long as one’s appearance follows the established beauty standards while, say, beard, unibrows and double chins are still not comme-il-faut. And they unvarnished selfiesarna generally had both the foundation and the filter owes its naturalness, we need not even go into.

The pointed contemporary commentary is thus a reason to love this Emmy Award-winning skit where a quartet dudes at cross securely mansplainar-way calls Amy washing off makeup and then disgusted recoil at the moire, eyebrow solve fejs coming out of the bathroom. Another is the performance itself: namely, the sketch is a song. The composers Kyle Dunnigan and Yom Roach prepared by hard plug NSYNC and One Direction, and “Girl, You Do not Need Makeup” is consequently a boybandpastisch made with precise fingertip control of all genre’s mannerisms, from the ostrich silent melody to the emphatic hand motions. Best line: “Think of a clown and then work your way back.”

third Herpes Scare (skit)

Amy Schumers alter ego has possibly got herpes from a one night stand and has for the first time in years turned to Heavenly Father for help. God has been occupied by a devastating earthquake in Peru, but Amy insists it is worse for her. I am a role model now, she complains, so it would be hard for young girls can see me pick up herpes medicine at the pharmacy. You already have herpes, says God, portrayed by Paul Giamatti, so to help you I have to take the life of an entire village in Uzbekistan. Absolutely, if that’s what it takes, says Amy. But you also have to make a sacrifice, God continues, and announces that she must stop drinking alcohol. Amy refuses and offers a blowjob instead. I really have to stop making so many white girls, sighs God.

fourth Trainwreck (feature)

The best Trainwreck is Bill Hader, I was about to say, but maybe it’s not quite true – however it is a film that lifts both his and Schumers comic uniqueness to new heights. Amy Schumer play, a motherless relationsfobiker and reporter on a kill magazine that gets asleep Slitz to appear as KP (Articles mainly include homophobia and blowjobs). Hader plays a mild sports physician who Amy is asked to interview, and when their work relationship turns into a romantic entanglements occur, of course. Trainwreck directed by veteran and Schumers soulmate Judd Apatow, but it is Schumers tone that resonates throughout the film, from the grip to flip the gender roles to the autobiographical parallels to her father. Above all it is a very solid script, one that manages the entire schumerska stuff, while managing to merge it into a classic romcomstruktur.

fifth Milk, milk lemonade (video)

Smart, sharp contemporary comments are great, but sometimes it is good with a voluptuous pop culture parody. As in this luxurious, powerful Nicki Minaj-influenced music spoof that exploits every hip hop and r & amp; b cliche of the past fifteen years, and especially the genre’s apparent obsession with butts, even though rumpans main biological function is to produce poo.

Schumer also launching not one, but two new words for the cherished body part: turd cutter and giant tookus. Childish and unworthy? Maybe it. You will in any case never be able to see a few quivering buttocks with the same eyes again.


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