Friday, September 2, 2016

Man: Because I shouted to Amy Schumer – Expressen

Amy Schumers show in Stockholm was interrupted by a heckler.

Now, he tells himself about the situation of P3.

– With drunken brain as thought that it would be fun to heckle a little, he says in the “PP3″.

Amy Schumers show at Hovet in Stockholm was disrupted by a man in the crowd who shouted “Show me your tits”. American stand-up comedian Amy Schumer chose to throw him out, something hailed by several large sections, but also aroused speculation among fans that the whole thing might have been a planned feature of the show.

Now talking the man himself in P3. He explains in the program that he had not had time to eat, but he had been drinking both beer shots before he went to the show at the Royal Court.

– With drunken brain so I thought that it would be fun to heckle little he says in the program P3.

According to the man himself, he is a big fan of stand-up and he says that he wanted to “mix it up” by heckle the star.

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Hedge country was not appreciated by the star or the others in the crowd, and it all ended with the man was thrown out of the show.

– it was clear as a bell, that was what I was looking for, she runs over me completely, he says in the “PP3″ about the reaction from Amy Schumer.

the man, who wishes to remain anonymous , believes, however, that after the warning from the star should not have continued to heckle, but have shouted “I still love you anyways”, which according to him was not perceived and instead was interpreted as he said something sexist again.

the man says that he feels bad about what happened.

– it was certainly not intended that I would sound so sexist or offensive. I feel really not very good, he says in the “PP3″.

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