Friday, September 2, 2016

Thrown out of the court after the attack on the comedian – Aftonbladet

Now speak Amy Schumers hecklers out anonymously in Swedish radio.

A young man, who often go on standup events, claiming that he was drunk when it happened.

– I feel like a bag of shit, it was certainly not meant that I would sound so sexist and offensive, he says in the program PP3.

comic Amy Schumer occurred Wednesday evening at Hovet in Stockholm, and only a few minutes into the show, she was heckled by a man in the audience.

a crowd began to gape at English that she should show her breasts. Amy Schumer was met by the cheers of the audience and got the man to be thrown out. An event that has become a world novelty and also received viral spread.

“How she ran over me was clear as a bell”

But there is also speculation, including Twitter, to heck is an actor, and that the attack on Schumer’s rigged.

for example, Carolin Dahlman , political editor of Kristianstadsbladet, speculated TV4′s “News Morning” during fredagsmorgonenn.

– Feels like it was planted to show “this is what we girls deal with harassment and attacks,” says Carolin Dahlman in TV4.

But now Sweden radio, the only news media, had an interview with heck anonymous. It is not an actor.

The person is a man who often go on standup events, and had consumed alcohol before Amy Schumers show.

– I was drunk and on an empty stomach. My drunken brain thought it would be fun to heckle a bit, he says.

– How she ran over me was a bell and that was exactly what I was looking for, he said.

“people think I said more sexist statements”

he also explains that there are some misunderstandings in what he actually said, after “making it, where you will yell at people in the parking lot.”

– you I still love you anyways, I screamed. People think I said more sexist claims that’s not true, he said.

After he had been thrown out the man continued to party.

Many people have reacted strongly to sexism as Amy Schumer exposed to.

One of them is Mia Skäringer , 39, who himself sat in the audience.

in a post on Facebook, she describes how she sat quietly with his fist in his pocket and thought:

“Have you ever had a cock run-down in your neck against your will. Or been fucked when you were unconscious? Have you cycled home without panties in the middle of the night with labia scathing towards the saddle to someone flushed down your panties into the toilet (after he fucked you while you were unconscious.), “She writes. Skäringer raging for aggression against the Schumer out of patience: “I must be a fucking badass”


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