Friday, September 2, 2016

The director Hannes Holm: “I am delighted and surprised by the choice” – Helsingborgs Dagblad


There will be biosuccén ” a man named Ove “who get the chance to be nominated for an Oscar. – I am pleased and surprised by the election, says Malmo director Hannes Holm.

the Swedish film Institute has selected Hannes Holm” A man named Ove “that the Swedish contribution to the 2016 Academy Award nomination in the category for best non-English language film.

– I know a bit like an underdog, it’s an audience film, not a type of film that is common at festivals or competitions, says director Hannes Holm.

Now take a thinning process where films from around the world will be boiled down to five titles. The final nominations will be presented on 24 January. Oscars on 26 February.

– I think the film has a certain chance, and it would be fun to go to the gala – although I’ve never been interested in clothes.

” I am pleased and surprised by the choice, “says Malmo director Hannes Holm. Photo: Emma Larsson

Hannes Holm believes that the timing is good, given that Fredrik Backman’s novel model located on the top of the charts in the United States. The film, which has sold over 1.7 million movie tickets in Sweden, the US theatrical release on September 30 in the US.

– The grinige old man has taken America by storm. I think that many Americans can recognize themselves in the story of the individual set against the collective. But Ove went home when we showed it in Moscow too. Everyone can recognize themselves in his battles against the “vitskjortorna” bureaucrats.

Are you going to travel around and campaigning for the film in the United States?

– Yes, I’ll fly around and there will be a remarkable journey. But I’ve never been particularly interested in working in the United States. We have a huge creative freedom in Europe. My next film project is a super Swedish history.


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