Thursday, September 1, 2016

Upholstered SD related artist – now runs the hotel – Aftonbladet

The hotel Gustaf Froding Karlstad booked by artist Peter Jezewski, former lead singer of The Boppers. The reason was that he supports the Sweden Democrats.

But after an ultimatum from the Best Western’s management, the hotel has turned -and asked Jezewski sorry.

– They have said that I am welcome to play there he says to Aftonbladet.

It was earlier this week that the hotel canceled five concerts with artist Peter Jezewski, former lead singer of the band the Boppers.

This happened after Jezewski appeared at the Sweden Democrats festival in Sölvesborg. Then he also expressed his support for the party.

– I sympathize with much of what they stand for, said the singer told Expressen.

The hotel manager Åsa Larsson has confirmed that Peter Jezewskis political position is why his concerts canceled.

got bomb threat

on Thursday got the hotel receive a bomb threat. A police patrol was sent to the address to bring up a notification. The police did, however, assessed that no further action needed to be taken.

The threat was linked to the cancellation.

– There is no reason to believe otherwise. There was a message of the threat calls dialed up that can not be interpreted in any other way, says Tommy Lindh, press officer at Värmland police, to TT.

SD urged to boycott

They stopped gigs brought bad blood of SD management. On Facebook urged Mattias Karlsson, group leader of the party in parliament, for a boycott of the hotel.

Communication manager Joakim Wallerstein put out an email he had sent to the Best Western on Twitter. Where he writes that both party members and supporters will avoid chain hotels if not Peter Jezewski get an apology.

Management: Not acceptable

And now Hotel Gustaf Fröding got back. Johan Michelson, Sweden Manager of Best Western says to Aftonbladet that it was the fault of the hotel to take a political position.

– Our attitude is that we should not deny guests the basis of political opinion.

Michelson set an ultimatum: change the decision or leave the chain.

According to Johan Michelson hotel Gustaf Fröding has previously been very open to receive the Sweden Democrats. It has had negative consequences.

– This has led to staff received death threats. It has probably been around in this hasty decision.

Got an excuse

Later in the afternoon asked the hotel Peter Jezewski sorry.

– They have called me and said I was welcome to play there. They said the decision to cancel was premature, but I have a little hard to understand how it could be that because they’ve had a management meeting about it and then emailed me, he says to Aftonbladet.

Ex-Boppern are now welcome to conduct the concerts.

– I love lira, so it is clear that I can imagine that there lira. But it has become such a big issue now. I do not think I or my loved happening to threats or other, so I have to talk to them before I decide to run, says Peter Jezewski.

Aftonbladet have searched manager Åsa Larsson regarding use without results.


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