Thursday, September 1, 2016

The right to give Ove chance at Oscar – Aftonbladet

“A man named Ove” can become a man called Oscar.

That’s right.

Biosuccén is an excellent Swedish contribution to Hollywood’s golden gala.

the Swedish film Institute has named “A man named Ove” to the Swedish candidate for the Oscar. A wise choice for several reasons.

“a man named Ove” is a well-made movie. It has been the home of Swedish moviegoers who recognize Ove and the other people in the story. It has also been sold to many other countries, and the book’s international success shows that Ove available in many communities. grumpy old men speak many languages.

Right now, Fredrik Backman’s book popular in the US, which can help biolanseringen there in the fall. And it helps to raise interest for and awareness of the Swedish Oscar candidate. Saab and Volvo are familiar too. trade magazine Variety has already praised the Hannes Holm movie.

There are a distributor who is willing to invest in film . It is not always so when our contributions shall be presented to the Oscar jury.

Last we had a Swedish film among the five was “As in Heaven” in 2005. I believe that “A man named Ove” has a good chance of ending up there.

What speaks against “a man named Ove” is that it is fun. The list of nominees and winners through the years is not exactly rich in comedies. But “A man named Ove” has room for many emotions, and is also a beautiful love story and melancholy to society account.

On January 24 revealed which films have been nominated, and Sunday, February 26, 2017 held the Oscars.

There may be third time lucky for Rolf Lassgård as previously starred in two films that were among the five nominees for best non-engelskpråkig. In 2000, he was in Los Angeles with Colin Nutley “Under the Sun” and the gala 2007 Susanne Bier “After the Wedding”.

“In sun “played Rolf Lassgård the Johan Widerberg , which is very good as the otrevlige bureaucrat in” A man named Ove “. Should we take it as a sign that they are a squeaky opponent that gives Swedish films internationally lifting?

I look forward to continued success for “A man named Ove”.


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