Friday, April 8, 2016

“Clan”: Father knows best … – Sveriges Radio

Yes, it is at least curious family business father Puccio control with an iron fist, steady gaze and the family’s best for the eyes.

Puccios kidnap people on the street, often acquaintances, asking ransom from their families and shoots since their victims as soon as or even before they received the money. The business has its roots in the dictatorship but rolls on after the junta fell and protected by the “commander” and other shadowy figures who still lurkar in the corridors of power. But from having been a politically motivated terrorist is now a private economic ones. “A way of life” simply.

The clan is not an extraordinary film, a docudrama in which neither drama or documentary ever be as icy as
father Puccios fish eyes. The actor Guillermo Franc Ella with her staring stone face’s real progress, unflappable and self-justification, except on one occasion when his face turns into a demonic grimasch. A silent roar that also gets the whole terrible hanteringens entire obscenity caught in a single image.

Good also to the film, in this particular case, makes the proper distinction between victims and perpetrators. Sons, mother and eldest daughter of the family Puccio can not be excused by the father knows best. Sometimes people simply unconscionable.

Mans Hirschfeldt


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