Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pewdiepie banned from Twitter – after Willie Photo – Aftonbladet

On Wednesday, it bubbled with rumors about Felix “Pewdiepie” Kjellberg of why his status changed to “unconfirmed” on Twitter.
Now Pewdiepie reveals that he grew tired of the hysteria surrounding the confirmed accounts and therefore put out a penis picture that made Twitter to withdraw his confirmed status.

It’s all about the little blue icon to the right of the user inside your Twitter account. It proves that you are “verified” – that is verified by Twitter. Tuesday was the status suddenly removed from Pewdiepies account.

The fake Twitter account @SkyNeiws threw quickly away a tweet to Pewdiepie would have been ” unverified “because he has connections to the iS. Pewdiepie was not slow to expel the claim during the day.

On Twitter, he wrote that he and his colleague Sean William McLoughlin had joined the IS and that was why they both were unverified.

did it on purpose

Now Pewdiepie reveals that the change in his status has nothing at all with what he thinks of ice making. Instead he looked on purpose to be stripped of his status confirmed – by temporarily add a penis photo as your profile photo. In a YouTube video he explains why.

– People seem to use verified function as some sort of status symbol now. If you have the blue tick in your profile, you are apparently so damn cool, he says in the video and then continues:

– Verification process is so fucking annoying that I have chosen to de-authenticate myself.

Closed the account

After Pewdiepie hung on Skyneiws false claim of IS, chose Twitter for a short period of time to pause Pewdiepies account. According to The Hollywood Reporter is due to the short shutdown on Twitter began to suspect that Pewdiepies account been hacked – because of the penis image and IS-clutter. When Pewdiepie sorted out the situation with Twitter, put the account back up again. It was down in less than an hour.

But Pewdiepie itself points out on Facebook that his account was shut down only hours after his Youtube Video directed fierce criticism of how Twitter works.

Re to the old – almost

Pewdiepies twitter account is available again and penis picture now removed. Instead, he has now put up a growling dog’s profile picture. Twitter’s spokespeople, according to the Hollywood Reporter declined to comment on the events.

Instead of verified symbol, has Pewdiepie added Emoji that looks like a small blue globe for their profile name. He says he made himself “globified” and describes it as much “cooler” than the verified symbol. READ ALSO PLUS How much do YouTube stars


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