Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Now New Times exhibit at the Book Fair – again – Göteborgs-Posten

Fun tours have been many around the Book Fair and the right-wing magazine New times. Now runs the fair again and announces that they will fulfill their contract and leave space for the paper to use its booth at the fair.

In a press release informs the book fair now that they have initiated a legal review, and concluded that the agreement signed with AlternaMedia and New Times will be completed.

– this is a complex issue. That there are widely differing perceptions of what is right and wrong is the recent weeks the debate clearly demonstrated. This year’s theme speech has been challenged. There are many parameters to take into account but now we have to relate to the strictly legal in this matter. We look forward to further discussions on freedom of expression at this year’s show and has now fully focus also on all other programs, activities and exhibitors at the Book Fair in 2016, says Maria Källsson, President of Book & amp; Library, in the press release.

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When will you decide you really?

– It’s a good question. This has been a learning process. Our latest and ultimate answer is that we can relate to the law and what is in the agreement, said Maria Källsson to GP, and continues;

– We have some legal expectations of us that we must meet. We need to communicate to New Times a stand location. Now it has legally been tried.

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Where this test on your initiative?

– Yes, v has hired a corporate lawyer. V needed to bring it themselves when we needed to provide a way out of the Book Fair and the New Times. And d et maneuver we thought we had proved to be limited. V can not do much about this. V are up, we want to break the contract or not they will be accommodated. So look out the contract.

How do you see now on the security?

– safety, I feel very confident with. Whether New Times exhibits or not the Book Fair a good security with the police and the fair’s organization. No one should feel insecure of us. D et This is the valuation of work in which we let the police do their analysis. And d e following this situation very closely. We do ourselves no such assessments, saying Maria Källsson.

Vávra Suk, editor of New Times is not surprised at the Book Fair’s decision.
– It was in a sense expected, because we threatened to sue them for breach of contract. Not that we were seeking damages, but that the agreement would be completed, he said.

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He says that the magazine continues its plans to exhibit at the fair.
– I believe that the Book fair listening to a small clique who do not want to see us at the fair, which started a Twitter storm. When the debate then got to go a few days, they saw enough that there were other players who think this is a fundamentally important issue.

How is the feeling after the announcement?
– I’m glad that freedom has prevailed.


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