Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Korruptionshärvan around the State property is growing. – Aftonbladet

Korruptionshärvan around the national property grows.

the Authority is suspected of, now, also for the [citation needed], russia’s TV4.

attorney-general has launched a preliminary investigation of a suspected violation of efterforskningsförbudet.

at the same time came the news that the further a person served with gross giving of a bribe and aiding and abetting to breach of trust.

It is fastighetsdirektören to have searched for sources, after the Cold Faktas disclosure.

This in connection with a secret meeting at which the fastighetsdirektören should have asked out staff who talked with TV4.

TV4 had prior to the meeting equipped one of the employees with a hidden camera that caught up the call.

– He asks during the meeting who talked with TV4, which is very, very serious. He may lack the knowledge or ignore, he grundlagsskyddet, ” says Kalla faktas reporter Per Hermanrud to TV4.

He also says that even more managers are suspected to have searched for sources.

To a authority of research sources is a crime against the constitution.

attorney general will now examine the case it has not yet decided how to proceed, reports TV4.

Yttrandefrihetsexperten Nils Funcke says to TV4 that the situation is serious.

– It is particularly serious when it is a government agency and government representatives who do not have the elementary knowledge about what you may and may not ask. It is the responsibility of the top management to all of the managerial positions are aware of what they may ask and how they may act.

Korruptionshärvan about Statens fastighetsverk was revealed after the Cold faktas program "duke eric magnusson received".

Director general of national property, Björn Anderson, the former head Mikael Sackleen and a director were arrested last Thursday on suspicion of gross breach of trust.

Also a relative to the Sackleen arrested, suspected of aiding and abetting.

All have been arrested but was released on Friday. However, they are still suspected of crimes.

During the Wednesday came the news that the further a person is from a supplier to the Swedish national property board has been served with gross giving of a bribe and aiding and abetting to breach of trust, felony state Prosecutor’s office in a press release.


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