Thursday, February 2, 2017

Sarah Dawn Finer is pregnant – jokes about Beyoncé – Aftonbladet

Sarah Dawn Finer and her boyfriend are expecting a child.

Schlagerstjärnan releases the news with a picture of the stomach – and a well-tajmat Beyoncé-joke.

Sarah Dawn Finer, 35, are expecting their first child. The Swedish artist and the host of the show reveals itself pregnancy via his Instagram, with a photo of herself wearing a bodysuit or swimsuit.

Eurovision song contest-the profile also fits the flash to yesterday’s big international news that Beyoncé waiting for the twins – which is also revealed with a gravidporträtt on Instagram.

"I’m not Beyoncé"

Beyoncés picture was much more ornate and studiofotad than the hearts of swedes. Sarah Dawn Finer joking about it by making a meme of his photo, with the text: "Yep, I’m pregnant. No, I’m not Beyoncé."

the Singer also tells us that the news feels private, but she couldn’t help but share.

Dawn finer overjoyed

"P. S. I try to keep my private life private, and will continue to do so out of respect for my work and my relationship with my amazing boyfriend Jonas (my babys dad) and our families. But, we are both delighted that we have children," writes Sarah Dawn Finer, originally in English.

Nöjesbladet has been in contact with Sarah Dawn Finers press contact, which greets that the singer does not want to comment on the pregnancy more right now.


Beyoncé shows spectacular gravidbilder


Beyonce pregnant again – double addition to the family


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