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Beyonce is pregnant – waiting for the twins – Expressen

the world known as Beyoncé is pregnant with twins.

The writing

back in August, came the information that the star wanted to be pregnant before the year is out – as a gift to her husband Jay-Z’s birthday in december.

It is the artist himself who announces the news of the tvillinggraviditeten on its instagramkonto.

“We want to share our love and our joy. We have been blessed two times. We are incredibly grateful that our family will grow by two people,” she writes, and continues:

“We thank you all for the good wishes”.

In the picture she shows her gravidmage, and also wears a transparent veil where she sits in a large flower arrangement.

this Image has received many positive comments and well wishes from her followers and fans.

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The 35-year-old Beyoncé Knowles, as she is really called, already have the 5-year-old daughter Blue Ivy, with her husband, artist Jay-Z, 47, or Shawn Corey Carter, as he is called.

It means that Blue Ivy may soon get two younger siblings.

back in August last year, came the task of Beyoncé wanted to be pregnant before the end of the year – as a gift to her husband.

– There is still real love there, then said a respondent to Radar Online.

Jay-Z’s birthday in december so there are two things to celebrate, ” said the agent.

How is the world known will let the role of both influence his artistic career is not known. But in the past, the couple has spent a lot of time and money for a charity

Last year, the 1.5 million dollars to the movement, “Black lives matter”.

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the Couple has also supported the välgörenhetsshower as the Made in America festival and the Global Citizen. During his latest tour, “Formation”, the single Beyoncé out money to the residents in Flint, Michigan, which suffered an extensive lead poisoning of the drinking water.

the Couple have also been struck by otrohetsrykten.

When Beyoncé released världssuccén “Lemonade” started in the big otrohetsrykten around Jay-Z. In the song “Sorry” sings Beyoncé on a Becky with good hair, that husband Jay-Z then was supposed to have been unfaithful with.

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