Friday, February 3, 2017

Annika Norlin parts on the spotlight – Göteborgs-Posten

record reviews Annika Norlin allows multiple voices to be heard on the new album, but the best people to interpret for Sure!!! is Annika Norlin.



There is a thin line between feeling close & personal, and to let the dull & whiny. It is difficult to say exactly where the line is, and it is, of course, personal features, but you know when it is crossed. In the entire body.

For me, Annika Norlin often been near the border, challenged it, danced on it. But she always lands on the right page. Even if she calls herself Hello Saferide and sings in English or Safe! and do it in Swedish, no matter if it is about to cry himself to sleep, if feel wrong, maplacerad and misunderstood or if the miss a daughter that never came. Annika Norlin has always touched on. In one way or another.

a Lot depends of course on her lyrics – Annika Norlin has the same fingertoppskänsliga and fine-calibrated relationship to the Swedish language as Tomas Andersson Wij, they create similar images even if they paint in various colors and captures different subject – but I also think about her personal and some limited voice. They belong together.

Therefore I was a bit skeptical of her view on the to let other people sing her songs, Annika Norlin was eager to write, but less to sing.

finally landed it in a compromise where the Norlin sings half of the songs and sounds of a handful of singers to take care of the rest. In addition, she is on the fine ballad of the Pacific without the hat with Jakob Hellman, and then, if not before, the man realizes how much his (single) album must have helped to shape the Annika Norlin as a lyricist and songwriter.

When Jakob Hellman sings "Looking until I found something that bothers me. Go in the puddles until the wet irritates me" he sounds like Annika Norlin, and when she rounds the same song with "Becomes a feeling in the end, a soft grenade. Then only the pacific without hate", she lets that Jakob Hellman.

Among all the voices that are heard on Annika Norlin’s new album is evident, above all, the singers, Ola Klüft, Arvid Andersson Ellis and Jakob Nyström from the Isolation Years, but it also passes the people from the Weapon, Könsförrädare, Two white horses and Loney Dear.

In the comfortable jogging Funky Nassau is Ola Klüft at the front and sing, fine kompad of Annika Norlin on quiet acoustic guitar.

In the melancholy and mollstämda neither did I, with the wonderfully descriptive and apposite the line of text "you Have also known you as a tetriskloss that will sneddad when everyone wants to have a long" is it Arvid Andersson Ellis from lapland reggaegruppen Sparsely populated areas'n which is heard the most, and in the short Junky, has Lina Högström taken place in front of the sångmikrofonen.

They make strong efforts all of us but it is still a boost when Annika Norlin takes over in songs that are beautiful but easy ångestridna Everything that floats, and in the Caves with his Frida Hyvönen-nervy drive. Best of Annika Norlin’s new album is Annika Norlin to yourself.


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