Friday, February 3, 2017

Hellacopters ex-guitarist, is dead – financial times

Robert "String" Dahlqvist was 40 years old

Robert "String" Dahlqvist, the sooner The Hellacopters-member, is dead.

Guitarist and solo artist was 40 years.

The Swedish guitarist and solo artist Robert "String" Dahlqvist, has passed away. It is confirmed by the record company.

the String comes from Somerset and is best known as the lead guitarist for the successful rock band The Hellacopters, of which he was a member between 1999 and 2008.

In the years he was in the middle of her solo career. He released in the autumn, with the single "Bangatan", which he wrote together with Björn Olsson (The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Håkan Hellström) and has recently been working on a new album in the studio.

Concerts in Gothenburg and Ryd is planned for the spring. In december, played the artist in Motala, sweden.

Hailed by artistvännerna

as late as last Monday was posted a tip about a forthcoming gig and a celebration of quotes from the Stefan Sundström on The official Facebook page.

"I like that the String does not keep himself within the limits of what a rocker should play. Crap in all of the conventions, to crap in all the traditions, knock you loose from it, press down … hope Bagisborna realise that they have a star in the suburb," said Stefan Sundström in the statement that was quoted on Facebook.

Robert "String" Dahlqvist has played on several albums by Stefan Sundström and been turnémusiker with the artist.

He has also been the vocalist and guitarist of Dundertåget and played his signaturinstrument in the band The Diamond Dogs.

The Hellacopters-friends tribute to his former guitarist on the band’s Facebook page. The tragic news takes hard after around ten years together, in the studio, in tour buses and in scenes facing lots of fans.

"It is incredibly difficult to describe in words what the String meant for us and how we would try so we can’t explain how much he made us. Our thoughts go out to all of the great memories we had together, and especially to his family. Until we meet again", writes bandvännerna and concludes with a heart-shaped emoji.

Robert "String" Dahlqvist was 40 years.


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